Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Big Circus

With the US Presidential Elections coming up soon, once again the world waits in fear.. of Americans falling victim of their own mistakes.
I thought that American citizens finally opened their eyes and started disliking Bush ? I guess sometimes it's harder to think clearly when living under constant propaganda (powerful people control the media which in turn controls normal people. Italy is a great example of this).

TED's organization recently released a somewhat interesting talk on political orientation in the US. Basically analyzing the conservative minds from a liberal's point of view. Liberals are apparently are the majority in the TED public and possibly in most cultural cycles.. which should ring a bell on the average divergence between intelligence and "conservatives" (which in turn could be considered smarter).

I saw this talk while being distracted so I can't express a clear judgment. Overall it didn't particularly impress me.. still it's some food for thought and certainly more educated than my personal opinion.

..I want to add that I realize myself that in the end, the differences between liberals and conservatives seem more like a construction. Polarizing people is what gets them to express preferences, to put extra effort somewhere.
It's a bit as if politicians are gods that provide some exciting playground for the little mortals to work their asses off. sounds a bit evil, but it's certainly better than what's in Italy right now, with the two major poles too settled to even have to pretend that they are really thinking differently.. about somebody's trash being somebody else's gold 8)

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