Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First real post 8) - why Blogger (this time around)

Here is the first post for the 5th version of this site/blog/whatever.

First the reason to move from Drupal to Blogger (cutting edge "draft edition" with custom domain): the 0 maintenance goal.
Quite simply, as time passes by, I want to fight less and less with custom solutions. Google's services scale a lot better and personally making custom websites is very time consuming, with little benefit in my case.

I don't want to have to worry about remembering 2-3 more passwords, to FTP thinsg back and forth, to backup databases, install extra plugins and follow ambiguous procedures to get sometimes more but usually less than what Blogger has to offer.

The only downside is that Blogger sites are banned in China, invisible to my very few (?) readers living there... but I'm sure that any tech savvy reader can manage to bypass the firewall, though it's not very convenient and not always possible, I can't live in the stone age for the inconvenience of a few 8)

Before making this post I tried one last time with WordPress. I used the Fantastico thing offered form the control panel of Dreaming Host (not DreamHost.. beware of their silly uptime and dodgy behavior (will have to spill the beans on that someday..)).
I quickly gave up on WordPress once I realized that posting with attached pictures by email was not going to be easy.

First of all I had to setup an email account myself. Then that email could not be read somehow.  From the WordPress panel I could not find any way to directly confirm that WP was indeed able to access that email address.. one would think that right where the settings are entered, there would be a quick way to test..
Secondly, WP docs clearly say that attachments aren't supported and doing a brief search I could find more people asking the same question than people giving an answer...

..and that was all the time I could dedicate to this.

The new blog design is clearly lacking, and whatnot, but it's a lot simpler for me to maintain and to put posts and pictures (which BTW end up directly on a PicasaWeb folder, very nice !)

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