Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Gadgets Ecosystem

A new, optimized Google Desktop has been available for a couple of weeks now.
Google says that has listened to its users and optimized Google Desktop to use less resources, to less intrusive.

So, I decided to give it another god, on my PC at work. Because I run Vista at work, the file search is actually handed to the native Vista capability. Goodle Desktop there apparently does little to nothing.
The other important feature of the application is it's side bad with all those Gadgets. I tried a few gadgets but it mostly a jump in the dark. A lot are created by random people and are less than polished.
There are gadgets that will get RSS feeds, but apparently no Google Reader's gadget. Strange, it makes no sense to me to rely on a Google service to handle the RSS feed and then have to re-gather all my feeds on a different application.

Ultimately however, all those gadgets are just distractions. I wish I coudl find them useful, but they are nothing but eye-candy. They are very much representative of Web (2.0) developers.

In that regard I liked this harsh article from The Register from a couple of days ago.
The article makes fun of rushed, half-baked "Web 2.0" development. Specifically about OpenSocial, OpenID and Google Gears.
I think that Google Gears, though overly hyped, is a nice addition to Google Docs, though possibly not as important for 3rd party developers.
I like the bashing on some Web developers.. I often ask myself how much of an "Application Programmer" one Web developer could be considered, given that many of those programmers probably have no idea of what's the difference between heap and stack memory, or will never probably write one line of assembly.

C'mon girly programmer !!!

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