Saturday, September 27, 2008

TED: An atheist's call to arms

One of my favorite TED talks. It's one of those things that makes me feel not alone in the world. It's one of those discussions that makes me feel an intelligent being among intelligent beings.

I'm certainly not racist, but I do discriminate people. I divide people between those that are intelligent, perhaps not educated but intelligent to the limits of their education ("education" certainly not defined as limited to formal school education) and those that are not intelligent and not willing to become intelligent or educate themselves to the rigors of logic/math, which is nothing but a solid excuse to stay alive.
If you do believe in religion, then you are likely to be up for a early death. Religions' main goals are to take the fear of death away.. to the cost of logic, which is what made the human race so great, unless you believe that being a hyena or an amoeba is just the same as being an human being (being species-ist there !).
Science, on the other hand, is about taking death away, not just the fear of it (not directly at least).

If you are an American citizen and voter, or have any influence on American voters, please keep these things in mind.
In an ideal world, Obama would be an atheist which has been paranoically digging religion just to keep in check with the greater American public. As a second choice, Obama would still be great as he's not as obliged by his party to be some sort of which-hunter.

Enjoy the talk.. if you can get over the overlapping and non-overlapping shirt's neck ! ..hard for me !


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