Thursday, September 11, 2008

Work work work

I've just been working a lot. Those that see me online on "some messengers" often wonder why of my "work" status at odd hours. ..that's lots of wondering, which gets tiring pretty soon: "hey are you working now ?", "why ?", etc etc..
Please, don't ask the same questions that everybody else does. There is no point for me in having to explain every single time to everyone.
Imagine me in the office for 30 hours straight chasing some deadline, struggling, suffering and cheering every step of the way.. and then a message comes: "why are you working so late ?".

I'd be in front of a computer anyway, this is pretty much my life. At least now I'm doing something really interesting, so it's really not that big deal for me to stay in the office. If only there were showers and a less noisy environment ;)

Then of course there is the eternal issue of lack of workers, especially programmers. It seems like good programmers would be worth gold.. but, our paychecks beg to differ ;)