Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Java rant: The nagware that I killed.

Sun's Java run-time for Windows is nagware and it deserves to die a quick death (as opposed to the slow death that has been going on for years now).

What hurts me the most is the frequency at which it nags*, and the complete and utter uselessness that Java brought to us coders.

Banks and other institutions may be using Java a lot, and I'd be scared if in many places C++ would be used instead. But when it comes to the average code "hacker", then Java is just a fat toy.

I don't want Java to run on my Windows machines, because it will constantly ask to be upgraded while I'm busy and I want no distractions..
I know that the more I let it upgrade, the fatter it gets, and I get nothing in return.
I truly hate Java in this sense, and I wish it all the worst.. not to mention how it utterly failed to become a multi-media platform. With all those half-assed Java 3D, VRML-based idiocy, Java 2D stuff of which I've ever only saw a couple of crappy demos from some old SDK.

It's all so wrong.. at least to my me..

Incidentally, now that I'm 36, I feel like I should be fairly mature to make wise choices and "know things", at least in the world of computing.
But at the same time I realize how effectively I know so little about so many things.

Basically we are all very stupid in many ways.
People behind things like the Java multi-media stuff ought to be rather intelligent... but they can well be ignorant on what really one wants from a language/library. As well as short-sighted by themselves or together with management which has to be ignorant by definition 8)

I realize that myself I understand many subtle, yet important issues only when I get a chance to seriously confront myself with them.
Those issues could be eventually irrelevant, but could be also why Java failed in the multi-media area because of lack of touch of those that were in charge of those things.

* The auto-update can be disabled, but it's easier to uninstall the beast !


  1. hhmm java.... javakazrace!!!!

  2. Javakazrace uses Java as a language, not its API for sure.
    The only things that API calls that the app uses is the image loader, the keyboard input, a crappy timer (impossible to lock frame rate) and a the final blit of the map..
    The rendering is all done in software.. hand written routines for zooming sprites and drawing the road.
    No need for crappy "canvas" API calls that nobody will ever use.

    Still, SUN had to load Java with hundreds of megabytes of stuff that most don't need.. and what could be a quick and simple virtual machine turned into a beast with that makes browsers kneel.