Saturday, October 4, 2008


From this month on, two new people are going to help with the project I'm working on. One will be here for one task, the other is hopefully going to stick around for a longer time 8)

The mood yesterday and today was more upbeat, as everyone felt that we got a couple of helping hands. This is good in general, though myself I never desperate anyway.
As a game developer I've grown to know that the impossible can become possible.. there is always a way to cut corners and get the project done in a way or another.. but I'd rather not cut too many corners.

Increasingly, I feel that my job should be more the job that is not seen. A couple of posts ago, I showed some very impressive rendering (shadowless hair aside).. but that doesn't satisfy me. What was there was mostly a work of art. Very impressive, but not my core of competence.
I feel that (technical) artists are better suited to the job of writing shaders. Shaders are about tweaking the looks.. while a programmer's job should be about handling data.. no more, no less.

I see a bright future for voxels.. sparse and hierarchical. Not necessarily for rendering though. But more for occlusion and lightning.. which are the real problems in 3D graphics anyway !