Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Mac laptop for me ?

It's 3:37 AM.. I've been up to follow the MacBook updates.. how sad !

Looks like I'll be getting a Vaio Z. I like laptops to be small, light and powerful.
Vaio Z is the same weight (0.01 Kg less 8) of MacBook Air. Vaio's screen is 13.1" vs 13.3" of Air.. but I like smaller.
The gfx chip is probably pretty much the same (NVidia 9300 GS for Vaio vs 9400 M for Air).. for a little more, one can get a bigger and faster (200 GB, 7200 RPM) hard drive, and much faster CPU (2.26 GHz vs 1.6 GHz).
Vaio is a lot more expensive if one chooses 128GB SSD, and runs Windows only.. and all the Sony crapware, plus the usual driver bullshitware.

Still, Apple is really proving that with them one pays more for less when it comes for hardware.
People want small, light.. and cheap ! Apple is going down on this one.

..bha !!


  1. Thats a lot of yen.

    why so expensive?

  2. Things start getting expensive once one upgrades to 256MB for VRAM, 7200RPM HD and 4GB of RAM ..and the integrated webcam, English keyboard is also +¥5000 !! (about $50).

  3. I've been using a Jp keyboard for almost 2 years now and love it. I find the layout a lot more convenient than sp/en, and switching romaji/kana is a breeze.

    This is my current one:

  4. How's the layout more convenient ?
    I hate the space bar being so small.. all those extra keys are really not necessary to write Japanese. With the US keyboard you can use ~+Alt to switch Japanese input on/off.
    To select kana characters and so on, one can use the usual F-keys.

    Japanese keyboard only introduces complications with brackets, @ mark and underscore, +/- signs.. but mostly, one has to stretch the hand too much to use the space bar..

    US keyboard all the way for me 8)

  5. The Apple Keynote was really disappointing.

    No more firewire on the MB, glossy screens and the "playmobil style" keyboard.

    I'm really not convinced by these changes.

  6. It seems that nobody likes the glossy screens.. I do, but I understand that designers especially really need matte screen.

    Vista disappointment is a problem for us consumers, because now Apple feels that it doesn't have to put so much effort into making better or cheaper hardware.'s all Microsoft's fault ! 8P

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