Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reasons to dislike Google

Some say that it was evil from Microsoft the give out free and pre-installed IE with Windows when Netscape was still in business.
Honestly, I thought that it was only normal that Microsoft would give something like that free. Everybody likes free software and Microsoft did the inevitable. Some things are too pervasive to have to be paid for directly. Web browsers had to be free and included with any modern OS.

Now, I think what Google has been doing with Picasa is a bit more evil. Because it marginalizes people on Mac that have GMail accounts and that would like to enjoy the Google accounts ecosystem.
If you are on Mac and have a Google account, you can't use Picasa to organize your pictures locally or on your Picasa web album. But also you can't voice chat with Google Talk, because there is no Google talk (text chatting is still possible).
Chrome is mostly just another web browser for now, but it shows a trend of preference.

I think that companies like Google, should be forced to support all major platforms equally (Windows, Mac, Linux).. especially when it comes to killer apps. Google likes to be liked by the people and people don't like to be forced to stick with one platform.
The gran plan for Google is to get everyone to have the same experience no matter the OS, but when it comes to traditional software, it's clearly lacking behind.

Get Picasa for Mac out there, and start putting more effort into multi-platform development... or else stop teasing people with free software that is only good to reinforce monopolies.

Thank you.
P.S. I realize that Google has OS X version of much of it's software but honestly, I don't see anyone choosing an OS because of Google Desktop or Google Earth...