Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another business trip

An update from Portland, OR. I flew in 2 days ago and I'm leaving today.

No pictures as I forgot the USB cable for my digital camera 8)
I came for some business meetings.. lots of interesting stuff, though very tiring. I have my new MacBook with me but I'm too tired and busy to actually write code.

Speaking of the new MacBook. I've installed Vista with Boot Camp and then a trial version of Parallels 4, which can use the Boot Camp partition.. so that I can have the same installation of Vista running either in emulation or straight from the boot (important to run Direct3D 10).

Boot Camp + Parallels is pretty impressive at first, but by now I've had some issues along the lines of shutting down with one and restarting with the other. Specifically, Parallels can suspend the virtual machine, but that doesn't fare too well with Boot Camp. I'm actually not really sure.. for one thing, I'm not relying on the Vista partition to be reliable anymore 8)

However, I need some data in Vista to be secure, and so I tried True Crypt's nice and it works well, but it does have a few drawbacks:
It's suggested to use it by containing an encrypted volume in a single file, however external hard disks preformatted FAT can't hold files bigger than 4 GB. So, I had to reformat my external drive with NTFS to be able to use encrypted volumes larger than 4 GB.
Mac OS X doesn't normally support NTFS, but it was easy enough to install MacFuse and NTFS-3G.

It was easier on the Vista partition, because I had that in NTFS from the start.. however, all that mounding and auto-dismounting action is a bit of a pain.
Also, I suspect that performance could have been better.. I have sensitive data that I need to constantly stream and I think that hard encrypted data isn't the best data to read on the fly 8)

Jet lag, 2 days of meetings and fancy dinners has brought me to a state of apathy. Perhaps I miss coding already. Also I miss Tokyo, I miss seeing loads of cute, or cutely dressed girls everyday.
I do believe that Japanese women putting so much care into their looks, into their daily makeup and clothing is part of the economy. It must be one of the biggest driving factors when it comes to workers productivity, or at least willingness to work harder (whether that translates in improved productivity or not).

Still, for the past 2 days I've been too stuffed with food.

Time to pack now !


  1. tying economic success with womens appearance?


  2. it's only my speculation... but honestly, what drives men to work ?

  3. A lot of things probably, are you saying that if for some reason you had no exposure to women then you'd just stay in bed the whole day and stare at the ceiling?

  4. I say that most men like hot cars and hot women.

    Men also know that they need to be rich and powerful to afford those... and for that one has to work hard..

    If you see Ferraris every day, of course that'll keep your ambitions awake.

    Some say that homeless are out there to remind us that if we don't work our asses off we may end up in poverty.
    I prefer the Japanese way: more dressed up girls, less homeless people (at least for what I can see).

  5. What about famous scientists?

    Can you think of one who owned a ferrari or was known to be surrounded with hot women?

  6. Not owning a Ferrari and not being surrounded by hot women doesn't mean that those aren't driving forces 8)

    Most people in the world aren't engaged to a "hot woman" and don't own a super car.. but that doesn't mean that those can't be objects of desire.

    I have to specify about the mythical "hot woman". In my view it's more of a construction than a physically relevant beauty.
    Given enough good looks, a woman is hot if she's somewhat over the top with her behavior, makeup and clothing.