Friday, November 21, 2008

Boot Crap

It seems that I'm not the only one with problems using the track pad in Boot Camp.

Unless I plug a proper mouse, the shiny new MacBook's trackpad works like crap.
There is no way to do a right-click, drag&drop drops too early.. a lot of jittering when clicking.
geez !!

The Boot Camp tray icon to see the settings has also disappeared (I wonder if that's because I use the partition with Parallels 4).

Also my NTFS formatted drive, is now read only when used with Mac OS X with MacFuse + NTFS-3G.'s all pretty messy.
I will try to reinstall Vista with Boot Camp from scratch and possibly to avoid NTFS for external drives.

On the good side, I've been writing some (trivial) code with Xcode to get myself acquainted with it need to use Vista when I'm not working.

..issues !!

Edit: also issues with my spelling, fixed a few mistakes !!!


  1. Using XCode since september, I'm appreciating even more Visual Studio... Blame Microsoft for Windows, but don't say anything about their development tools!

  2. XCode is similar to the old Think C or CodeWarrior. If you used those before, XCode makes a bit more sense (CW was popular for PS2 dev and I think other consoles as well).
    My favorite IDE is still Visual Studio.. but I also need Visual Assist X, because VS's intellisense breks pretty easily and VS has no refactoring facilities that I know of.

    In VS it's also painful to deal with larger projects.. when one doesn't just have Debug and Release builds anymore. Configurations explode and the project manager becomes painful to use.
    Another problem with VS is the documentation system, which has gotten worse with the years.. to the point that now I completely avoid installing the MSDN documentation 8)
    Then the recent manifest crap, which instead of telling one which DLLs are missing, gives instead some vague error message (a coworker spent some time on that today 8)

    MS dev tools definitely have their issues..

  3. I used CW for PalmOS apps too.

    it's hard to break intellisense with VS2008SP1, are you working on it?

    I'm agree with you about MSDN, I wonder why nobody at MS found it deadly slow, as it's far better the online version.

    however, I haven't found the same quality on other development environments.

  4. Mr. Matro !

    I gave up on Intellisense before 2008 SP1, so I don't know for sure.

    There are a couple of things I miss from the old VS though.
    Before one could press Esc twice and get rid of the output window (to see all code). Since 2005 (or 2003 ?) I have to select the output window and press SHIFT+ESC.
    A detail, but painful if one does it a hundred times per day 8)

    The there is the memory viewer: more recent versions of VS limit visibility to only few K after the selected address. Bha !

    Last thing is the new default for CTRL+TAB. It used to switch to the next document window, but now it shows some stupid list. Luckily that can be reverted.. but it should be left as an option for beginners.

  5. hey :-)

    I usually find lacks on VS2008 too - last one a couple of hours ago: the internal web server no longer works... - but I scare to move on any other development environment.

    for example, I have to use the SAP ABAP environment sometimes: let me say that - even with latest NetWeaver 7 version - VS is a really different kind of experience!

  6. It may be worth to see what else is out there... but I understand the feeling. I work so much better with Visual Studio.. I wish it would become a standard on every platform.