Sunday, November 9, 2008

Docs !

Google Docs really works !
Yesterday I had to show the location of  shop here in Tokyo to a guy visiting.
I located the page of the shop and the map in there. The names on the map were all in Japanese so I decided that I had to overwrite the text on the map, which was a JPEG image.

OS X doesn't come with a MS Paint equivalent. With some effort I managed to run The GIMP, but that didn't work for me. It would let me choose the text location and then leave the text there (not sure how to use layers and all that).
I then tried Paintbrush fr OS X ..a very basic application. Just what I needed, however it uses the standard font style and color dialog box from OS X and I couldn't seem to understand how to change the font color !! (trying later with more time I figured that the color selection in that dialog is ignored, one has to pick the color from the application palette instead.. ehhh !!!).

So, eventually I made a slide with Google Presentation (only one image !). It was as easy as uploading the original picture and add the labels in English. With a bonus that I could also include the physical hyperlink to the shop's page, and have the option to mail the presentation directly, without having to attach anything manually.

Speaking of presentations & meetings. I'm so busy with writing actual code that I've been spared from all that in a while. I fear the day that I'll have to make presentations again.. it's bullshit ! Though it's fascinating to think how hard it is to put into slides what one does and thinks. It's good to draw things down, but the tools we have are still way to dull to use efficiently. We are still at the point where one has to struggle with the mouse to move an item rather than re-size it.
It just takes too much time to make Power Point presentations.. I wish I had someone doing that for me ! I know that famous people use those services.. but for the rest of us hopefully technology will catch up.
It would be nice to have digital paper that allows accurate input with self-correction for regular shapes. Also maybe a scripting language that would allow the more technical people to quickly output graphics without having to sweat too much on the mouse (I hate it when shapes are just a bit off !).


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