Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Day for the World !

Congratulations to Mr. Obama, and to all the American citizens !

Hopefully this will help change things in Italy too, considering the recent popularity of fascism, mafia and general lawlessness and corruption.

(I don't give a crap about Italy. I just care for my parents and friends that live there 8)


  1. Hmm I dunno, I think in general people are dissapointed. At least thats the sentiment that I am picking up. Both European and US stock markets took a dive today.

    And its not because they like McCain and are pro-republicans, but just generally both candidates were not very strong this time around.

    Seems like US presidential candidates are getting weaker with each election... So I think no matter who won, there would still be disappontment.

  2. You must be kidding !
    I've never seen so much involvement before from people around me !
    How can you say that they weren't as strong, when Americans actually managed to re-elect Bush with all that crap about Iraq and WMD, just because they thought that Kerry had nothing better to offer (?)

    I think that a lot of people around the world are really excited about Obama becoming president. Also in the last 8 years I met quite a few Americans explicitly dissociating from Bush.. granted they weren't your average religious bigots.. but those, honestly, belong to the trash bin, along with all the religious nuts around the world that spread war and fear in the name of bullshit gods... just like the enemies they like to make war to 8)

    Also, with so much turnout (a record, though not adjusted to the actual percentage of voting population) and early voting, somebody had to be excited about it.


  3. No I am not kidding. Stock markets lost big time today both in the USA and Europe, meaning peoples confidence hasnt been boosted at all.

    People were excited the day of the election, but once the excitement was over they realised that they still face the same problems. Whicj will not magically go away.

    I think especially European investors are worried, and pulling money out of the USA since they dont really know what Obama is going to do. People want certainty.

    Everybody I know here voted for Obama, and even though he won, nobody seems too excited about it. Choosing Obama over McCain was just a matter of choosing a lesser evil. But even people who voted for him are not really that confident in his abilities as a president.

  4. Who is a good president then ? 8)
    It's hard to say, considering that the election is mostly a big charade.
    How can one be disappointed only now ?

    McCain: I give 5000 bucks to everyone !
    Obama: I won't raise taxes !

    If somebody thought that a single president would come in and bring luck and wealth for everyone, then that person shouldn't be disappointed now and may as well keep on dreaming because it wasn't realistic anyway 8)

    Market reaction is one thing, people excitement is another. If one had to trust the market, then people were all rich and could afford home loans only a little time ago.

    I can tell you for sure that many outside the USA are happy that Obama got the presidency.
    Bush did not give a good image of conservatives.
    And Sarah Palin as a VP was a bit of a joke, especially with her religious bigotry that most intelligent people leave behind with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.. while she keeps at it with the freedom to bear guns (?!) and the urge to slow some areas of scientific research.


  6. I think if there was a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the most conservative and 10 being the most liberal, then Republicans would be 4.8 and Democrats 5.2

    Both parties are pretty moderate.

    I didnt really follow the election campaign. I didnt even realise elections were on Nov 4th until the day before =)

    The market has been up and down a lot lately, but it looked like it was stabilising, and the day of the elections it actually gained a lot. But now it is on a downwards trend which can almost certainly be attributed to the election results.

    And I do think that the market is a good reflections of people sentiments. People were able to afford housing because of the unrealisticly relaxed borrowing qualifications. So the market was up. It turned out to be a bubble, but the fact is that people honestly believed in the economy.

    Maybe if McCain was elected everybody would've been even more disappointed. So far the reality is that these elections have not had a positive result yet.

  7. As I see it, "The Market" is about how few people's guess on most other people's current intents.

    For the time being, the actual result of the election is as good as it gets. That was the culminating event.
    I was also expecting maybe to see the market improve (I don't really follow much though).. but regardless, I think that people were definitely pretty involved. And now there is at least some curiosity of what is going to happen..
    It will take years for actual economical changes, but it's already put the rest of the world in a better mood 8)

  8. Cool, and while they are in a good mood, why dont they invest some $ into the US economy?


  9. Actually, expect things to get A LOT worse. This actually has nothing to do with Obama, but the general direction that things have been moving world wide. The current economic downturn is evident of the general rampant greed and corruption that has infested the global financial systems ... and one could say it is going into a state of "reset".

    Regardless of who would have won the election, the die had been cast for the direction of America's future a while back.

    Obama has a HUGE challenge ahead of him. The question that's really on my mind is that whether the American people are prepared for the challenges ahead or not. From what I see, I don't even think most people are aware of what's coming.

    I never thought I'd live to see the beginnings of an actual global change and shift in things; it was always something I read about in history books.

    Welcome to the beginning of end of the American Empire ... if anything is going to really hurt America, it is it's current massive debt ...