Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One more reason to hate MS Office

The talking clipper is back. He's now shaped like a new line marker and it's even harder to kill !

I'm one of those that hates the new Ribbon toolbar thing.. give me my menus !!

But there is another thing that I hate more... the new line markers that just won't go away. Messing up anything I type in Word or in Outlook (another piece of crapper).

What's extraordinary is that the ribbon toolbar has a very explicit icon that shows exactly the marker that I want to get rid of. However toggling that ribbon button won't affect the actual new line marker. Then why is that in the icon ?
Whose ass did this GUI came out of ?

One has to go dig in the underbelly of MS Office to find the option to really-really switch off that new line marker. I managed to do that before. But it wasn't easy !
Recently I had the OS reinstalled and I'm back to square -1.

Microsoft I hate you !!!

Stop messing around, stop lobbying companies to adopt your crap !
Recently we also had to move to SharePoint.. but that's for another rant, because it's on a different level of pain (everybody hates it but we all have to use it... bosses love it !).



  1. Mr. Unhappy-Engineer man,

    You can always use OpenOffice, but that won't bring peace and happiness either. 8P At worst, you can write your own ... but seeing how the world is M$ all the rest of us can do is quietly endure and hope that one day we will enter an era of sensibility in software ... but alas, this will never happen either. 8P

  2. Too much user configurability is bad, too little is bad too!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mr. Ragin,
    Open Office is definitely not there yet. Its simplicity in respect to MS Office makes it likable, but soon enough the little things start to come up.. like incompatibility between rendering of the same documents (MS docs are the standard and it's hard to implement the whole thing).
    Hopefully all the BS with the next generation document format (Microsoft lobbying (corrupting).. what a surprise) will be cleared and things will get even.

    Apparently simple but in fact very hard user configurability is even worse 8)

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