Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One more reason to hate MS Office

The talking clipper is back. He's now shaped like a new line marker and it's even harder to kill !

I'm one of those that hates the new Ribbon toolbar thing.. give me my menus !!

But there is another thing that I hate more... the new line markers that just won't go away. Messing up anything I type in Word or in Outlook (another piece of crapper).

What's extraordinary is that the ribbon toolbar has a very explicit icon that shows exactly the marker that I want to get rid of. However toggling that ribbon button won't affect the actual new line marker. Then why is that in the icon ?
Whose ass did this GUI came out of ?

One has to go dig in the underbelly of MS Office to find the option to really-really switch off that new line marker. I managed to do that before. But it wasn't easy !
Recently I had the OS reinstalled and I'm back to square -1.

Microsoft I hate you !!!

Stop messing around, stop lobbying companies to adopt your crap !
Recently we also had to move to SharePoint.. but that's for another rant, because it's on a different level of pain (everybody hates it but we all have to use it... bosses love it !).