Saturday, November 1, 2008

To Z or Not to Z

A week ago I ordered a Vaio Z.. when it came to do the bank transfer, first I didn't have time, then I slowly regretted the purchase and let the order expire.
Today a lady from Sony called me to confirm my cancellation. I told her that I'm going to buy a MacBook instead 8)

The Vaio Z is extraorinarily light and stylish, the display is excellent. Also, my order was for a fairly beefed up configuration.. very powerful, though very expensive.
But then there are things that I truly cannot stand about getting a Vaio:
  • Vaios come with Sony crapware pre-installed
  • Installing Windows from scratch with all the drivers very hard to impossible
  • I can't stand the idea to spend so much money to get more of the same Vista frustration that I get daily at work
  • ..and what the hell is it with only being able to use ~3GB out of 4 ?!!
  • ..and what the hell is it with having to spend a fortune on Vista Ultimate to be able to be able to switch languages ?
I guess that ultimately it's not Sony's fault. The hardware is good, it's the software that it's fucked 8)



  1. I think you can ask to switch for a 64bit Vista for free (so you can use the 4 GB )

  2. Yeah so far going 64 bit OS (Vista Ultimate so I can use DX10) and 8GB of ram has been the best decision for my new PC. Those 8GB really make a big difference.

    The OS was $99, not cheap, but not really a fortune....

  3. > Brian
    Not really.. in fact going from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate, Sony asks for additional 15,000 yen.. about 150 dollars !!!
    And there is no 64 bit option.

    > Paul
    It seems that in US everything is cheaper and ends up for 99 8P
    By the way, I forgot to mention that the MacBook supports up to 6GB and that Apple does have a system to install Windows from scratch on it (Boot Camp).

  4. For that price you might as well just order an English version abroad. As for drivers, I know it's a pita for a japanese laptop, but this works:

    Make a copy of "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore" with the japanese OS installed, then use it to install drivers after you install the English one.

    .. however.. that will probably only work if the new OS has the same *bits (32->32 or 64->64)

    Is there no 64-bit option on the Vaios? I don't think it makes sense to stay 32-bit anymore. Back in XP it was a joke and there were no drivers, but Vista 64b is really great and in my experience more robust than 32; drivers aren't an issue either.

  5. Brian.. thanks for the suggestions.. but I'm not going to spent 3000 bucks + an extra copy of Windows Vista (why should one pay more to get extra languages that are already in there ?!) for a computer that I have to fiddle with on the first day.

    BTW I've been running XP under VMWare Fusion, but was only for the home server. Yesterday I installed Picasa 3 on it, and it worked like a charm 8) especially in Unity Mode.

    The drawback is that DX9 probably works like a donkey and I can forget about DX10.. but for heavy Windows usage I could install Boot Camp. Which I may just do once I get the new MacBook that I pay yesterday ;)

  6. wow, fusion looks really good

  7. Well worth its 80-1 dollars 8)