Saturday, November 1, 2008

To Z or Not to Z

A week ago I ordered a Vaio Z.. when it came to do the bank transfer, first I didn't have time, then I slowly regretted the purchase and let the order expire.
Today a lady from Sony called me to confirm my cancellation. I told her that I'm going to buy a MacBook instead 8)

The Vaio Z is extraorinarily light and stylish, the display is excellent. Also, my order was for a fairly beefed up configuration.. very powerful, though very expensive.
But then there are things that I truly cannot stand about getting a Vaio:
  • Vaios come with Sony crapware pre-installed
  • Installing Windows from scratch with all the drivers very hard to impossible
  • I can't stand the idea to spend so much money to get more of the same Vista frustration that I get daily at work
  • ..and what the hell is it with only being able to use ~3GB out of 4 ?!!
  • ..and what the hell is it with having to spend a fortune on Vista Ultimate to be able to be able to switch languages ?
I guess that ultimately it's not Sony's fault. The hardware is good, it's the software that it's fucked 8)