Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twitter, I don't get it

Twitter is supposedly one of the next big things.
It's basically about writing frequent short sentences rather than lengthy blog entries. No time for that.
But isn't more time consuming to constantly write updates ?

I guess in a sense is more "social" than blogs, because it's less like a monologue and more like an entry for a possible conversation. But social stuff on the web is risky. Things like Facebook can get pretty heavy.

My policy is that if someone is explicitly interested in what I say, he or she can check my blog by directly coming to this page or hooking to the RSS feed... but things like Facebook, they put everyone aware of everybody else's moves. It's too easy to become "friends" and then one has to start worrying about about anything written, photos posted, because everyone wil passively follow you.

Social sites are really too much of a good thing.


  1. Yeah, beware those passive followers...

  2. Fack being "connected" to everyone !

  3. Right!

    So far, I am only on LinkedIn.

  4. Some of these social networking things are a nuisance ... another user id and password to remember ... another thing to waste and consume one's time.

  5. > Ragin
    I think that social networks make a lot more sense if one is "on the move" 8)

  6. Perhaps ... but I don't think too many people are interested in what I'm doing. 8P

  7. Its all those passive followers that you have to drag around with you!!! =)

  8. I don't like the overuse of the word "friend".. most people of facecrook never really met and probably don't even talk.. and they are friends !
    Then best friends are those that you met once maybe 8)

    Anyhow, I understand the need for social activities.. after all, I've been on chatting and messaging on BBSes (ran by a single phone line by hobbists) even before Internet arrived to Italy.. boy did I spend a lot of time online when I was 16 !!!
    I'm always on line now too.. but in a different way.. fack fake friends !! (DFWFF ?!)


  9. You are an online veteran now =)