Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Work, Clouds, APIs, etc.

Yesterday (Sunday) and the day before I went to work.. !
I had to finish something, and it went pretty smooth (it's always a good day when some heavily multi-threaded code doesn't have some nasty, unpredictable crash bug). It's also really nice to go in the office in the weekend, when there is no noise and no distractions (other than those that I may cast upon myself 8)

Today was a national holiday and I decided not to go to the office (wow !). I went out, I had to do The Social Thing. But as I got home I got busy with "coding".

I've been slowly changing TokyoClubbers.. trying to get away from Drupal and custom database solutions.
I've already moved the club database to a Google Spreadsheet. But every time I change the spreadsheet I have to manually save it out as a CSV and then upload it to the web space. Not very Web 2.0 if you ask me ;)

I'm now looking into the Google API to manipulate spreadsheets from Google Docs.
Yesterday I was criticizing this whole Web APIs thing and today I'm already on board 8)
Interesting this A Database in the Cloud presentation from PyCon 2008

...well it's really that I would like to expand TokyoClubbers, but I can't put too much time into it, and I'm trying to move away from custom solutions as much as I can.

If I want to photo-blog or get people feedback, I can do that by using the usual Flickr, Blogger, Google Sites. But when it comes to the hand-crafted club list display.. that really requires some programming.
Still, I hope that I wont have to do much web programming. I'm already so busy as it is.

Last month I actually worked an average of 78.7 hours per week !!!
..the nice thing is that I got some sort of overtime pay (about 25% of the monthly salary) something unheard of in in the field of game development.. especially for a Japanese company !

But it's nice to see some monetary reward. Though free time sometimes has no price.. I could be coding more stuff, doing more things !!

More timeeeee !!!
zzzzzzzzzzzzz (4:31 AM)


  1. Il reference e' un umanoide giapponese? :)

  2. Mi pare sia stato comprato da un sito americano, o comunque non giapponese.
    Sara' una questione di aria condizionata ;)

  3. 25% extra salary for 200% work time sounds like a rip off to me.

  4. 125% salary for 200% the work time sounds better 8P

    Anyway, in game dev usually there is no overtime pay whatsoever.
    There are often bonuses, but they are generally not as good as getting paid the overtime, otherwise employers would prefer overtime instead ;)

  5. What happens if one refuses to do any overtime at all?

  6. Brian:

    Do a search for 'EA Spouse'

  7. > Brian
    It's not so much about a boss forcing you to stay in the office but more of finding yourself in a project where the resources are scarce, but that you want to complete for yourself and the other people involved.
    When it happened that I didn't like a certain situation, I waited for the project to complete and then I left.

    In a sense, because there is generally high demand for developers, it's not so bad for the employee because he or she can leave and find another job fairly easily... and hopefully get in a company that possibly has less overtime 8)

    When I went for my last job interview, I was tired of the previous job pressure to overwork and I mentioned that I didn't want to do much overtime.. but eventually I got really involved and here I am again 8)

    > Nora
    I guess things are a lot different if one is married and especially has children.
    Also, culturally, partners in Japan tend to be more tolerant. If my gf was Italian, I think she would have dumped me long ago 8)

  8. That EA Spouse issue wasnt really so much about how work affects relationships/marriages.

    It was about someone getting fired from EA for refusing to work extra hours (to answer Brians question).

    I posted while signed into my wifes account by mistake sorry!!

  9. I see. I wonder how it is in Japan, given that most people are used to overtime, I guess nobody considers demanding the company etc, together with probably a bad image later on to get a new job.

  10. I think that while most Japanese complain about overwork, but most of them are also rather tolerant, if not downright happy to be in the office.
    To be happy it doesn't necessarily mean that one is laying on a beach under the sun, but also feeling part of a community, feeling indispensable to other coworkers and noticed by the superiors.


  11. I guess it depends what you would be spending your time on if you were not at work.

    That 'noticed by superiors' is a very corporate concept. Game companies dont usually have a very formal structure (at least not in the US).

  12. "Sara' una questione di aria condizionata ;)"

    Eh, si, mi sa che l'ufficio e' troppo freddo... ;)

  13. > Paul
    Every morning there is a "leaders meeting" where I'm in there as a leader, then there is my superior, the superior of my superior and the superior of the superior of my superior.
    There are currently more "superiors" than any other worker in R&D 8)
    Luckily, leaders like me are actually workers that write code, otherwise there would be nothing but meetings 8)

    > Freddy
    Chissa' che freddo senza pelle ! 8P

  14. http://www.japantoday.com/category/kuchikomi/view/modern-working-conditions-a-throwback-to-20s-30s