Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Work, Clouds, APIs, etc.

Yesterday (Sunday) and the day before I went to work.. !
I had to finish something, and it went pretty smooth (it's always a good day when some heavily multi-threaded code doesn't have some nasty, unpredictable crash bug). It's also really nice to go in the office in the weekend, when there is no noise and no distractions (other than those that I may cast upon myself 8)

Today was a national holiday and I decided not to go to the office (wow !). I went out, I had to do The Social Thing. But as I got home I got busy with "coding".

I've been slowly changing TokyoClubbers.. trying to get away from Drupal and custom database solutions.
I've already moved the club database to a Google Spreadsheet. But every time I change the spreadsheet I have to manually save it out as a CSV and then upload it to the web space. Not very Web 2.0 if you ask me ;)

I'm now looking into the Google API to manipulate spreadsheets from Google Docs.
Yesterday I was criticizing this whole Web APIs thing and today I'm already on board 8)
Interesting this A Database in the Cloud presentation from PyCon 2008

...well it's really that I would like to expand TokyoClubbers, but I can't put too much time into it, and I'm trying to move away from custom solutions as much as I can.

If I want to photo-blog or get people feedback, I can do that by using the usual Flickr, Blogger, Google Sites. But when it comes to the hand-crafted club list display.. that really requires some programming.
Still, I hope that I wont have to do much web programming. I'm already so busy as it is.

Last month I actually worked an average of 78.7 hours per week !!!
..the nice thing is that I got some sort of overtime pay (about 25% of the monthly salary) something unheard of in in the field of game development.. especially for a Japanese company !

But it's nice to see some monetary reward. Though free time sometimes has no price.. I could be coding more stuff, doing more things !!

More timeeeee !!!
zzzzzzzzzzzzz (4:31 AM)