Thursday, December 4, 2008

Google testing Picasa for Mac beta ?

Apple Insider reports.. about freaking time !!!

But more than that.. I'm hoping that the 2009 GDrive wishful prevision is going to come true.
My biggest problem currently is syncing data between computers. I tried things like Unison, but it doesn't make sense.. there is always some problem. One really needs a better system.. I need it badly.
I could be hosting stuff on my own home server. However I'd eventually need to work with stuff on a local HD and that would require explicit unreliable syncing again, and I'd still have somehow to have an off-site backup of my own (backing up things physically on a home server is as safe as putting money in the mattress).

I recently collected all my important data into one 60 GB folder (half of it is pictures !)..  but now I have a copy on my laptop and one on my desktop and one on my portable drive.
The concept of physical personal computer is dead.. or it should be already !!

Waiting patiently, or else I'll have to resort to Live Mesh (which is now out for OS X) or MobileMe, which smells too much like Apple's hand-holding.

I'd be much happier with a Google-based solution. I don't want to be neither a Mac nor a PC !!

..hurry up Google, dammit !!!


  1. Hopefully this (and the related ones) will stay... as an advertisement for (not visible outside the US 8( )

  2. Here's the cool one

  3. live mesh is a good step toward next computing experience. however, it cannot be used outside USA due to regional settings issue: it's funny, years from assembly to c# and developers still keep on halting with quotes and date formats! :-)

  4. At least we have 991 years until the next millennium bug 8)