Saturday, December 6, 2008


The other day I finally saw the movie Hotel Rwanda. I liked it and I think it serves a great purpose. It's one of those movies that should be part of everyone's format education.
Today my CNN channel (CNN Japan/International) showed a special about Rwanda and Darfur genocides. The report is called Scream Bloody Murder.
Recently I also watched a TED talk on the topic, titled Shaking hands with the devil.

The general idea is that some poor African country reaches some peak of violence, escalating to the point in which people start killing civilians, women, children. And not just killing, but dismembering, torturing, raping.
I've heard a story of a woman that survived the Rwanda genocide. Her children killed, chopped and cooked in front of her. Can it get anymore evil ?

Humans are scary. They can turn into senseless monsters, anyone can.. especially those born and raised in poor and violent countries, where the situation is already bad enough.

Intervening is a bit tricky. The general public from the rich counties is too busy worrying about everyday life issues. You hear it in the news maybe.. but it's just numbers, or some images, usually not so terrible... but generally served with some cold report.. moving on..
The leaders of the countries that could do something are afraid to get stuck into some mess.. like getting own soldiers killed, and prefer to look away. Some others downright try to prevent action because of direct interests.

So, where does all this lead to ? ...The positive conclusion is that people just don't give a crap. But, more realistically, people need terrible things to happen to spice up their lives, to have an history worth living.

Why not ? Why should we care ? We are not there.. 800,000 people are murdered and I'm upset because have a sore throat and runny nose.
And it does make sense, one cannot expect people that are not directly involved to truly feel the urgency of the problem.

Human pretty much agree that killing is wrong. But that's hard to enforce basic human laws for individuals living far away.
Genocide is however something so big that should be stopped no matter what political and physical boundary. For that, there should be a hard rule, where no matter the circumstances, everyone (the UN for example) must intervene to stop the killing process. Perhaps with consequences for those that don't intervene.

I say hard rule to mean something that should require little or no debate. If every time we have to think about intervention, then it's never going to happen.


  1. Well Mr. Kaz, you're seeing the realities of the level of how this world (ultimately) operates on. Hence why I say that before all this stuff will truly come to an end, the hearts of human beings have to change and a very fundamental level; presently it is in human nature to do those evil things that you read about (and even more). There is the luxury to think that "people are fundamentally good", but the truth generally comes out when the stakes for life or survival suddenly are high or there's a great "opportunity" to do evil things when the threat of any kind of punishment ceases to exist. The potential to do such evil acts (as seen in those cases in Rwanda) exist in every human being on the planet, to deny that is just not being realistic.

    Unfortunately, seeing how we have governments run by human beings, it naturally means that such governments will never be perfect. Some may even see benefit in genocides happening because it serves some bizzare ultimate political goal. I believe before the Rwanda genocides, there was the one that happened in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    During the Nuremberg Trials, there was the cry of "Never Again" because of the genocide of millions at the Auschwitz concentration camp (and others in Germany) ... yet genocides still are allowed to happen today ... with the typical political excuses.

    The sad thing about the Rwanda genocide was that the UN had warnings about what was going to happen well ahead of time. In my opinion, the UN totally failed in this area and really doesn't seem to serve any ultimate purpose for humanity than a political distraction of sorts.

    You should also take a look at PBS', The Triumph of Evil. It's quite eye opening.

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  3. The UN is busy with far more important matters like banning dangerous and poisoning japanese cartoons



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