Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes, work is no fun !

I've been working very hard in the past months. Things have been good.. lack of time and people but a good mood overall.

In the past few days however things have taken a wrong turn. Back is the tensions, of the bad kind.
It feels a bit like being in a sinking ship.. people still working hard the job done, but not really looking forward to continue like this.

Usually the sour mood starts from the morning.. and then one stays pissed for the whole day. In such a state, it's hard to sit and relax, focus and solve problems in front of a monitor.
The tension is tangible and so is the noise. Also the office temperature tends to reach 29 C ! For some reason, Japanese offices in winter tend to get rather warm (In this case I have my AC on, but some leave theirs off and the office gets hot anyway).

I like to believe that I'm a bit of a positive force in the current team, but if that's true and I'm not as positive anymore, then we're in for a slump.

All in all, I just want to work in harmony with people that are competent and respectful.. a reasonable request one would think...



  1. You are not saying what those tensions are based on?

  2. Paul,
    I think it's insufficient CPU power to carry the load. The hot office (in the middle of winter at that) is quite indicative of this. The load across all cores is reaching the hardware physical limits.

    Ok, jokes aside, Mr. Kaz, continue to be the positive force there ... especially since you are in a leadership role. Sometimes one has to shield the folks who work under one from the "heat" or the "noise" of a situation. Sometime akin to how a child can have an environment which is (to them), "worry free", but the parents are quietly managing a financial crisis that the child will never know or become aware of.

    Lot's of madness is going on economically globally, and it could be that perhaps as the budget tightens there's this pressure on your group to "produce something marketable" ... at time the benefit of doing R&D can never be fully appreciate ... and many just look at the short term stuff. But of course, this is assuming that this is where the pressure is coming from ... internal company politics and how it affects the distribution of money.

    If this is the case, you may have to do some cool technical wizardry to prove the naysayers wrong.

    Keep on coding!!

  3. Paul,
    In general there has been some slapping around.. some tension that is really not necessary as far as I'm concerned.
    I work hard and produce a lot.. in exchange I'd like to stay away from the paperworks, arguments and unnecessary pressure.

    I don't think any budget has gotten necessarily tighter. I also don't think that there is a case of lack of appreciation. So, where is the problem really ? ..That's my question too 8)

  4. Ciao Davide =)
    Don't let 'em kill your creativity and enthusiasm. Keep going your way and feed positiveness from what you create and what you do.
    Anyway... that was a long time no see!!

    Gene! =)

  5. Hi Gene !
    Long time no chat indeed ;)
    I saw your blog.. congratulations on your work !!

    Enthusiasm may go away for a day, but it always comes back.
    Hopefully everyone understands the need to work in a positive environment 8)

  6. Ah ... the mysterious tension effect. Well, I guess you'll have to weather it out. Type faster!!! 8P

  7. Apate from the economic crysis, do you feel there is future for the PS3?

    Because I do not see many good games and the good ones that you can buy (eg. Bioshock) are ported months later.

    Some of them (eg. resistance 1) actually just sucks...

  8. I haven't bought or played any games recently. Also I don't own a PS3.. so it's hard to tell.

    From the developer point of view, I've heard many complaints. I haven't programmer the PS3 but I remember the feeling with the PS2.. Sony expecting people to break their backs.

    The 360 came out earlier, it was easier to program also considering that it's closer to a PC and most developers use PCs to program tools or even to port anyway.. so the 360 set the lowest common denominator.
    Developers don't want to work twice for a console that is selling less anyway.

    PS3 is the result of a series of smaller miscalculations that all put together give a negative balance.
    I really don't see the PS3 doing a come back without any drastic measure (such as giving them out for almost free 8)

    This battle is over. I think that Nintendo, Sony and MS are already thinking on what's next..