Saturday, January 17, 2009

Price tags !

Japan is crazy about popular, exclusive and expensive items. Brand names do big business here.. especially with women.
Recently I've been getting some progressively expensive presents and my time to open the wallet is really coming now 8(

On that note, I'd like to suggest an interesting TED talk, titled "Does happiness have a price tag?",  by Benjamin Wallace.
I think I can pretty much agree with the conclusion. Though it would be interesting to hear a different opinion, one from a person that doesn't appear as "meat & potatoes" 8)

The content is not as scientific and it's certainly on the more frivolous side, but I have to admit that some TED talks can get pretty boring.
Specifically, it's getting tiring to see so much talking about helping 3rd world countries.. because at the end of the day, average people don't really care enough to do something.
Everyone has his or her own problems, and it's really hard to get involved with things that are so distand from us.
So, those "we are the world we are the children" kind of talks should start trying to find a way to catch the interest of the average overly-fed citizen of a modern rich country.. but that's not easy, because we are already too busy trying to get higher in the social and economic scale ourselves !
Some people may have enough food on the table, but are still struggling to get thought the month, until the next pay check.

Then there are those movie stars that are bored out of their minds. They make a trip to Africa, see so much poverty, they rush back riding some high moral horse, holding an adopted child in one hand and a 10 million dollars movie contract in the other hand. And start preaching at us...
Well, give me your money and your popularity and then I'll start thinking like you, until then, forgive me, but I'm quite busy with my own life !

..I am afraid that this is just how things stand. So, either really give us a compelling reason, and a simple way, to do something, or stop making a show of your pity and graciousness.

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