Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recursive lack of sleep

It's 4:30 in the morning.. and I just finished answering some rather complex "mental health" form related to my overwork.. how much do you work ? How much do you sleep ?
..not much if I have to spend 2 hours translating and answering these questions !!

I appreciate the effort though. The company wants to make sure that I'm not going nuts nor suicidal (there are explicit questions related to that).

We'll, I'm fine, I think ! I may not be living the healthiest life, but not the unhealthiest either (eating well, though I could eat a bit less).

No home coding for today, but Monday (national holiday in Japan) I found the time to implement bicubic patches and to improve my implementation of the RenderMan token system (a token in RMan in a C-string (char pointer) which can be associated to a value).
I also fixed some stuff about the camera matrix.

..still rendering UV values in place of the colors.. no shading yet.