Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recursive lack of sleep

It's 4:30 in the morning.. and I just finished answering some rather complex "mental health" form related to my overwork.. how much do you work ? How much do you sleep ?
..not much if I have to spend 2 hours translating and answering these questions !!

I appreciate the effort though. The company wants to make sure that I'm not going nuts nor suicidal (there are explicit questions related to that).

We'll, I'm fine, I think ! I may not be living the healthiest life, but not the unhealthiest either (eating well, though I could eat a bit less).

No home coding for today, but Monday (national holiday in Japan) I found the time to implement bicubic patches and to improve my implementation of the RenderMan token system (a token in RMan in a C-string (char pointer) which can be associated to a value).
I also fixed some stuff about the camera matrix.

..still rendering UV values in place of the colors.. no shading yet.



  1. At least if you ever decide to have children you will be already trained in the lack of sleep.


  2. ..I'm still for modding Aibo instead 8)

  3. Aibo is fine as he/it is already! Keep your hands off! ;)

    Nice teapot. Still using coffee instead of tea?