Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Work and hobby

First day of work today.. it was not easy to go back and to start again.

I did my good 12 hours, then came back home, watched a movie and did and half an hour worth of code on the RibRender thing.
One step at the time, the test RIB file is turning into something recognizable 8)
I'm still using OpenGL to rasterize the primitives, but I've been thinking about 3D rasterization.. or voxelization, whatever one may call it, I think I will try that for a change instead of REYES or PolyScan which are not so different after all.

Enough of "fake" 3D !


  1. Eastern Promises ..a lot of Russian dialog ! But subtitled in Japanese (^p^;>

    It's a cool movie (and rather violent). I saw it a while ago on some flight but I thought it was worth watching again in company, and on a decent display.

  2. I've recently greatly enjoyed "Shoot'em up" (nice name) and Death Race:


    Nothing deep, just highly enjoyable action flicks!

  3. So che eri un suo fan Kazz... http://cissiboy.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/e-morto-magnotta/ ...sigh sigh.... :(

  4. Mr. Ribman,
    What SVN client are you using on OS X? I'm currently using svnX, but was wondering if there's anything better.

  5. I'm using svnX as well.. at bit funny to make a working copy.. but other than that works well.

    I started with the XCode version control integration but quickly gave up as it started working funny..

  6. I haven't even bothered with XCode's version control yet ... maybe I won't for a little longer. 8P

  7. Integrated version control is not such a big deal with Subversion or any other versioning system that doesn't rely on files being strictly controller by the server, including making them read-only when they are not checked out... like for Perforce !