Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Italy and back

Yesterday I got back from a week vacation in Rome.
Meeting parents, meeting friends, lots of food.. very hard time digesting everything !!

I did write some code for RibTools in the meantime, trying to add polys..  the REYES ways: polygons are converted into bilinear patches (basically, quads) and triangles are no-good 8)
This conversion is called "split". A split operation will turn more complex primitives into simpler ones, eligible for "dicing".

I also read more about the this "dice" stage. It's where simpler primitives are converted to a 2D array of vertices (kind of like rasterizing a primitive withing its own 2D bounds). This is called "grid".

Then one is supposed to move from the grid to independent micro-polygons.. each micro polygon is build from adjacent vertices from the grid.

..anyhow, it's 4:28 AM... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz