Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I think I'm about to give up on Xcode. It's not just about the IDE, is that the debugger is frankly not even close to Visual Studio's one.
It might be me, but I rely a lot on the debugger to actually write code. I mean, sometimes I will write some code and then expect to freely go through the debugger and see if and how it really works 8)

With Xcode I can't see what's inside STL vectors, and not even see what's inside my own vectors, because I can't find a way to see an array of values (perhaps there is a way out there ?).

The IDE also is pretty sad.. I think that Apple would be better off trying to copy Visual Studio. The alternative layouts that Xcode offers are frankly not good enough. The all-in-one layout is the closest thing, but it places sub windows the way it wants.. which is silly as the code window while debugging is a full horizontal slice, while code normally does not extend as wide.

I think I'm at the tipping point and this could have a snowball effect for someone that has been trying hard to be happy with OS X.
Nowadays every OS out there is mature enough to please most people. But every one has some killer application that just can't do without.. for me that's Visual Studio.