Saturday, April 4, 2009


Another man, gets pissed, grabs a gun and kills a lot of people in the great USA.

Simple equation: no guns = no shootings.

..but some citizens believe they should own guns... maybe to keep safe. But then they should shoot people like Bush or Berlusconi.

From 2009_03_GDC

..but Bush is gone, now please, somebody get rid of Berlusconi !



  1. Guns dont kill people, people kill people. If he didnt have a gun he would've had a sword or an axe or a crossbow or poison.

    What about people who have been shooting guns as a sport their whole life?

    For example my wife was on the USA national shooting team.

    We have guns at home, and go to a shooting range to practice.

    They are sports guns, but can definitely kill someone.

  2. Mr. Kaz, you haven't been reading the news in Japan have you?

    Family ax murder-suicide claims three

    Sword-wielding man arrested at Osaka Prefectural office

    Saitama train conductor assaulted after asking man to smoke in designated area

    Man beats pedestrian to death in Kanagawa; says it didn't matter who

    and let's not forget the incident in Akihabara last year: Akihabara Massacre.

    The point being that if someone truly wants to commit an act of violence, they will simply find a way. A lot of the murders that involve axes, knives, and swords typically don't get reported outside of Japan.

    I'm sure that if the guy didn't have access to a gun, the incident would have been a lot less serious.

    How violence is carried out in society and the world at large is simply and unfortunate reality of the world we live in ... regardless of where one lives.

  3. I don't buy the "use a sword instead" thing.
    First of all, swords shouldn't be sold either (what do you need it for ?), secondly a gun is just much more effective at killing people..
    Armies around the world use guns, not knives..

    If you really want to kill someone, there are other ways.. but guns just make it a lot easier.
    It seems like a very simple logic conclusion to me, and facts prove it.

    If nobody had guns, then maybe big knives would be a larger problem, but that doesn't mean that people should be able to keep guns around.. let's tackle one problem at the time.

    Ragin, no need to bring Japan in question (which is still one of the safest countries anyway..).
    Finland and then Germany recently showed as well that gun possession is a bad idea no matter the nationality.
    Of course America is still worse. It's the country that inspires school shootings and that makes it easy for Mexican drug dealers to stock on weapons (Mexico has strict gun control.. but the borders are just too loose and guns flow in from the US !).

    It's not me not watching the news, it's that the most senseless acts come in the news, and it's usually about guns..

    Rince, having a gun for sport, locked somewhere, is not the same as having a gun for "defense".
    That's the stupidest thing, because people end up having to defend themselves from their relatives and neighbors...

    ..and then there is the body armors, the grenades.. anything goes. People in the USA can buy just about anything without too much effort. the end of the day, the thing doesn't really affect me as much. But if you are happy with the situation then enjoy the news and don't blame people for being crazy.. "crazy"
    people are everywhere (and everyone can go berserk). Sane people should care about reducing opportunities for crazy ones to go on killing sprees.

    ..I'm talking really simple, basic logic here.

  4. Kaz:

    From my perspective I enjoy shooting guns at the shooting range, so if a law passes, that makes owning a gun illegal, I will be sad.

  5. I'm not sure how that would translate for you case.

    You may have to give up on your hobby, or perhaps just got through a lot more trouble, constant checks with the authorities, etc... but ultimately you have to decide if it's worth it.

    In my opinion, it's not worth the risk to have so many guns around. It only takes one nut with a gun at any given time to kill a dozen people.. and let's not forget criminality.
    Criminals don't legally posses guns.. but those guns have to be stolen from somewhere.

  6. Recently an asshole was trying to drill a hole in the wall... after some unsuccessful attempt with the proper tools he got tired and decided to play smart and drilled the hole using his gun.

    Of course given the fact that most of the houses in the US are made of cardboard, the asshole not only succeded in drilling the hole, but managed to kill his wife that was outside of the house as well.

    Quite difficult to do the same with a sword...

  7. Kaz,

    Why shouldn't I bring Japan into the conversation? You're making it sound like it's only the U.S. that has the claim on people getting angry and doing stupid things.

    I'd definitely say that the guy who went out of his way and used a vehicle to run over people in Akihabara and then got out of the car and started using a knife to attack people falls under the same banner as crazy, stupid, and pointless. Of course he did less damage because he didn't have a gun, but given the kind of society that Japan is what he did was pretty extra ordinary.

    I'm not a fan of guns either, but generally people who are angry and want to hurt others will find whatever is at their disposal; whether it be a gun, a vehicle, a sword or whatever.

    Historically speaking, guns are (for better for worse) a part of American society and there would be huge controversy if laws passed to take them away from people. The whole original "Right to keep and bear arms") thing originally had to do with the fact that back in the early days of American history, having a firearm was a necessity. Of course times changed, but the laws (for whatever reasons) didn't.

    Anyway, enough from me about this topic. 8P

  8. Mr. Ragin,
    You can bring anything you want in the topic 8)

    However, when talking about murder, there are a lot more countries you may want to mention before Japan.
    So, there are crazy nuts that will kill people with knives and swords in Japan, too.. but it's still a lot safer than the US.. and that's partially because there are not so many guns around.

    People go on killing sprees anywhere.. but it takes a lot more effort to grab a knife and chase people around, than to grab a gun and shoot from a distance.

    If you like, you can promote your theory of "Japanese are repressed and will go nuts more than Americans".. and if that were true, then gun control would be even more meaningful: if Japanese are more volatile, then lack of guns is what keeps them from being as often in the news for killing sprees.'s also true however that in Canada there are a lot of guns, but not as many killing sprees.. as the movie Bowling for Columbine mentioned.

    Personally, I just think that the United States are dangerous because of the guns and also because of the society. A more aggressive society spurs development and competition but also failures, psychological pressure and ultimately hate.

    Not sure what is better overall.. but that's more or less how I see it 8)

  9. Kaz, honestly, I think you are prejudiced against the US, because of the bad experiences you had here, and ready to jump on anything negative that happens here =)

    Thats just the feeling that I have. I never even heard of that recent shooting until you mentioned it.

  10. Maybe I am prejudiced.. everybody has his/her own prejudices 8)

    About the shooting.. there was one, and then one again. They are certainly reported on CNN and BBC international.
    In fact, as I'm writing this, I've heard about another shooting in an US college..

    ..also notice that my view is in line with that many Americans that are fed up with the situation.

  11. Well, US is a big place, on global scale its a fairly young country with a lot of different factors influencing the society. Probably more so than in other countries that have been stabilized for years. So things happen here both positive and negative.