Sunday, April 12, 2009

The future is not my future

The future is Mobile !!

People gear up, writing iPhone apps and Java apps for 250 different phones at once.
I get it, in a way, but I can't force myself to like it.

I'm not in the business of cell phones, I'm not looking for the first way to make money.. I want to develop what I've been wanting to develop, and that's realistic graphics... meaning processing graphics primitives in an efficient way and possibly with some sort of global illumination.

Nowadays, with some imagination, it is possible to develop some cool stuff on the iPhone. But I can't force myself to do it. I feel like that would be an experience in the wrong direction for me... you learn something every time you do something.. but I don't care so much to make another cool social app, or a viral game..  I need the stimulation that comes from 3D graphics.. and not as an "early adopter" but as an "inventor".

Every field of development has its own problems and people that come up with clever solutions.
I've learned to revere other fields of development.. a lot of people put a lot of brains out there every day, however, I can't adapt to low tech (so to speak).
I think that 3D graphics, even at high levels, is currently still rather primitive, considering what approaches are being taken to things... and sometimes I even wonder if that is not the same with every other field of study.. like for medicine, astronomy and physics.
Granted that there are some incredibly dedicated and intelligent people in every field, and if it took me 20+ years to get good at what I do, it would take me almost another 20 to get good at physics, medicine or whatever other field..  but still, I would be writing the same blog entry saying how many very intelligent peers there are and still how primitive it all looks from here...

It's that it takes so much time, effort an passion to get to a point were one can stand up and say that basically there is still a long way to go. can still make those claims from the outside, but that's pointless. Like those newspaper or web articles that constantly predict when aging will be defeated and when thinking machines will become a problem for humans...   that is all horseshit.. and it's even worse when it comes from university-paid luminaries that have a lot of fame, a sure paycheck, people under them, but that don't have the balls to write code anymore and that, as a result, produce a lot of hot air and make no sense..

DO write do code, DO whatever job you do, DO NOT try to elevate to a higher position and pretend that you know anymore of what you are talking about...
Writing code is not a job for code monkeys.. past experience is necessary but current experience is even more important.

So... fack the business.. I'm not writing phone or Wii apps.. fack age, I'm not switching to a more human life and forget about code.. and fack those people that predict when AI will take over the universe.. they have no clue and I doubt they'll get ever want to get one.

It's wrong to pretend to be more of what you are, but it's even worse to believe that you are less of what you are.