Sunday, May 10, 2009

Socialists !

I just finished adding Twitter and Google Social stuff to the sidebar of TokyoClubbers.
I previously had a followers list from Google Social. This time around I added the comments form as well.

The Google social widgets are honestly not very appealing. Colors can be customized, but they still look dull, very HTML&links kind of feeling.
I don't have much hope for the Google widgets. Some hope is there for Twitter instead.

I created an account for Tokyo Clubbers itself (@tclubbers), added a list of people I "follow" and recent "tweets" into the side bar.
Twitter offers a fancy Flash widget that looked pretty nice. It shows updates and allows people to log in... unfortunately it seems that the log-in portion of it has been broke for a month.. ! So, I went for the plain text update display.

I also have to get busy for some other site that I have to do for my mother ! Awww. It's actually on my mother's request, but it also involves me.
One thing is to spend time looking into the latest web fads and applying them to a site that is somewhat related to your hobbies, another thing is to do yet another freaking site.. the desing, the CSS, the contents.. all very painful thing !

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