Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tweet yourself MF !

Today I finally subscribed to Twitter.
My first contact there is a friend that in one of his recent comment wrote how people that claim they hate social net and that subscribe to Twitter are "2.0 IDIOTS".
Nice one 8)
True, but only to an extent.. because while I find Twitter ok (though, I still don't quite understand it) for example, I cannot stand FaceBook.. because it's some sort of private Internet, ran by some dude with curly hair.
FaceBook makes it possible to get back in touch with old lost "friends".. but that seems to me a rather sad thing in most cases.
It also makes it easier for people to know what their peers are doing.. which is kind of cool, until it's painful.

You write and write what you do and what you did.. but at some point perhaps you don't want to let some people know about something.. until basically reverting to not telling anything because it becomes to complex to consider all possible effects of writing something that will ring a bell on dozens or hundreds of "friends".

A blog instead is more often than not a lonely place. American media is filled with the word, but the meaning there is really: "influential person has an opinion web site". People rushed to blog and realized that their stories were not interesting enough to get the average person to understand or subscribe to RSS feeds. systems like FaceBook make it easier to follow people and then we are all busy following, talking, replying.. and who writes the code ?!! the end of the day, people should rather be busy. If you are bored, write code.. instead of reading and writing comments, opinions, etc.

One last thing that has to be mentioned is that people are normally in one of two possible states of mind: alone and looking or with a partner and not particularly looking.

The first one is what makes social networks really explode.. people without a partner are the real work horses of social networks, and anyone that wants to break into social networking has to either be single or consider that state of mind as the prime target.

Thank you for reading !


  1. So we could summarize the whole post with:

    "I cannot use Facebook because my GF would crush my fingers" ? :)


  2. Not with the current one.. she's not into those things and I'm grateful for that.. women that are more active in social Internet circles are usually less mentally stable !

    Romantic relationships are surely one example of why the concept of social network friendship doesn't work.

    But the worst part of sites like FaceBook (or Mixi in Japan) is really the idea to putting much effort into an infrastructure that is privately held by a single company and that is closed to non subscribers.

    ..I think that we can summarize that I'm more self-centered than the average FaceBook user 8)

  3. Well, that's good, it is difficult to code with crushed fingers... ^___^

  4. ..the first one that finds out should write a blog entry about it.. typos included 8P

  5. If you are bored, write code.. instead of reading and writing comments, opinions, etc.he he he ... Kaz, it looks like we're both bored and not writing code. 8P

    I got talked into signing up for Facebook last year ... I resisted, but two of my friends were pretty persistent about using it to "stay in touch" ... I'm waiting for Facebook to (eventually) stop being the top dog social networking site. I really can't be bothered with having to check things and keep up with stuff ... we'll see how I feel in a few more months.

    I actually find mixi more useful in that it provides a forum for me to write about things in Japanese ... I got an invite for Twitter ... but honestly, no more of those things ... another password, another userid to remember; no thank you!

  6. You are kidding right ? 8)

    Here are my chagelists..

    ..from home and on RibRender alone.
    Nowadays, I've also been updating (not much codewise 8)

    About social sites.. if I write something to be public, then it really should be public.
    I like to know that what I write or do is out there, to be indexed and spread and not locked into some private social framework.

    But that's because I like to believe that some of what I say is important, and what I say belongs to me and not to facebook or mixi.

    From my point of view.. it's Mark Zuckerberg that should join my social site (if I ever decide to make one).. and not the other way around.

    It's important not to be passive !


  7. he he he ... I was just teasing ... I meant to say that there are no coding breaks ... ever. :)

    I'm actually doing some coding at home now, but unfortunately, I can't really post anything I do (long story).

    I actually do have a blog, but I don't really write much on it. Most of it's not in English anyway ... but I'm finding myself rather in the situation where I'd just prefer to talk with real people face to face ... mainly because writing stuff on a blog means that I have to go and check for responses ... or check my RSS feed for responses and I'd rather just focus on coding or doing something productive.

    Maybe (one day) I'll start writing more stuff on that blog ...