Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 and life

Recently, much noise has been made about Italy's prime minister Mr. Silvio Berlusconi.

Among other things (like mafia connections and belonging to a secret masonic lodge whose goal was to take over Italy) he's also now consistently known for being some sort of pimp that can fast track startlets' TV career or even get them into politics. One day on a calendar hanging in the cabin of a truck driver, next day a position as a minister 8)

One recent scandal is about some girl whose 18th birthday Mr. Berlusconi showed up for. He claims to be a friend of the family, but at the same time she's an aspiring lingerie model and she calls him "daddy".
Digging below, more news surfaced and apparently she's been visiting him at his main villa, along with several more women, etc etc.

Now, what really interests me in all this is how in the news she's constantly being defined as a 18 years old girl.. thought it's obvious that they knew each other before her 18th birthday.

So, it's not really about this 72 years old media tycoon and a minor, but him and a young adult..

It would be cool if in fact this was some sort of defensive move, where the brains behind Berlusconi knew that something had to come out, and had him go to the girl's 18th birthday, knowingly that this would have gotten  attention from the press. In the form of him being connected to her and, most importantly, her being 18.

Now that some older pictures are coming out (not in Italy, because of the lack of freedom of the press), this girl is named, but constantly associated to her adult age: 18, 18, 18.

It's very interesting how all this works.. and if it's some sort of damage control, then it's impressive. But I doubt it, it's probably just a coincidence.. but I'll have to remember someday how these things work. Who knows, maybe 30-40 years from now I'll have to worry about being picked on because I'm filthy rich and involved with a teenager 8) long as I will not be pretending to be a politician !



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  2. Yeah, where's the news about hotel toilets and food. And skirts.

  3. Sorryyy.. very busy indeed. Spending the weekend at home doing some sort of report for work 8(
    In the meantime, here is a link from the Google Reader's shared items from the Rasty feed -> ..note: not exactly nudity, but it won't look like you are working, or looking at pictures of ancient artifacts either..