Friday, June 5, 2009

Google GeoSites

Today I tried one more time to make a site with Google Sites.

Google Sites is supposed to be some sort of multi-function wiki. Wikis are reliable because one writes using some simple syntax in plain text. Google Sites went the WYSIWYG road and it's a disaster..

Try to use a table, or to put a few pictures next to each other horizontally, and you are in for quite a ride.

Layout goes completely nuts. I understand the underlying issues with the brain-dead CSS crap.. but the editing engine is so bad that it's a continuous struggle, a very frustrating experience indeed.

A quick look at the HTML view of the page generated by Sites is very revealing.. tons of junk tags generated by editing operations. Sometimes I press backspace and nothing happens... and press and press, until what I was trying to delete gets deleted.
There is obviously a big gap between what I see on screen and the internal representation of the page.

Perhaps the problem is that Google Sites works directly in HTML and CSS which are very poor at representing layout without direct intervention of a human expert in the "art" of putting on image next the another using CSS and HTML.

I don't see Google going anywhere with this.
I'm going to try a few alternatives and then I'll see. Going back to doing HTML by hand or with tools like Dreamweaver is an option, but I hate having to FTP pictures and to have to make thumbnails by hand !



  1. Try a real wiki like You'll be impressed by how many powerful features it has for bringing up complex sites. In fact, calling it "a wiki" is a bad approximation.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, however I was looking more at something that allowed me a bit more freedom in placing things in the page.
    Classical wiki a too strict for my needs, and also I need no public editing features.