Monday, June 8, 2009

Inserminator 4

Yesterday I watched Terminator 4, in digital, wooo !

After the movie my head was hurting. I think I'm extra sensitive to sound. I find the volume level in the theaters too high, but most people don't complain. Maybe I have bionic ears !
My head hurts like it's not bionic however 8)

About the movie.. it's filled with action. The usual CG orgy... man, I don't think my stomach can handle Transformers 2 and Star Trek at this point !
It's funny because I'm so involved with 3D and nowadays even looking into off-line rendering, and yet I get bored by the tons of action that is obviously only possible because of CG.

The movie is not bad by any means, but I couldn't find any reason to like it particularly.. futuristic sci-fi involving robots is got to be my thing, but this isn't going to be a cult movie for sure.

Being the overall story already so well known must be taking away from the general appeal. But the movie really doesn't seem to try to innovate at all. Lots of cliche' and lots and lots of improbable action.
Very Hollywoodish, but with this brown war field look that is so popoular nowadays even in games.

One thing that I don't understand is why terminators have to throw people around. If they are so strong, they should just crush heads, poke eyes, do something quick and to the point. It's clear by now that throwing people around will only break furnitures !

All the action is so packed and so improbable.. the timing of things, the ability to escape in any situation.. it is too brain dead, and too much over-the-counter ingenuity.

We've been raised to recognize all of that action, but to feel none of it. Being thrown on a piece of furniture, does it hurt ? The hero's face winces, but doesn't feel like it's hurting.
And what's with breaking your own hands by punching somebody ? It's in almost every movie (thankfully not in Terminator 4 !).. It's such a disconnected action from what the average viewer could possibly feel (I assume the average viewer doesn't punch people much 8).

So, I appreciate all the effort that goes into the action.. but it's really too much now.. don't give us more of the same.. it's become a blur of colors (and now even just brown tones + red).
There is nothing there for the viewers to feel. Some movies can do it from time to time, and what stimulates one person doesn't necessarily work with work for everybody else...  but I'm sure that more effort could be put into giving better experiences.. perhaps even with less money.. I'm sure Alien was a lot cheaper of any of the CG flicks we see nowadays..