Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sr. Code Monkey

Yesterday I changed my current position description at LinkedIn. I am now a Sr. Code Monkey !

In the past 2 years, many changes happened. Changes from above, job positions constantly changing around me, but hardly without any real meaning.

 I am told that I am a "leader". That's a class which implies things such as a salary range, or taking part to educational classes about stress management or sexual harassment (aha !!)
I'm also a senior.. and I'm not just a Software Engineer, but rather a Software Design Engineer.
People at GDC would see that on my badge and go: "ahh, you are a designer !!"  ..emm !

I'm frankly tired of the job position bullshit. People that wear jackets, people that don't.. people that use certain expressions to make one believe that they are in direct contact with "god".

Put a jacket on, get a company laptop, start making slides, participate to countless meetings and answering to tons of email.. and it's all downhill from there. There is no time to focus on anything practical by yourself, actual technical knowledge becomes less important, logic fades away and nothing makes much sense anymore, because it's all words... many words in many long meetings.
The more one talks about some problem, the less clear things become.. to the point in which nothing matters anymore.. everything is possible, but also the opposite is plausible.

So, I'm convinced now more than ever that I'd rather be a Sr. Code Monkey than to become more of a manager and lose the opportunity to use my brain logically.
That's a bit extreme, but that's how I think.

Speaking of code, today I went off to the library where I previously saw The Dragon Book and finally bought it 8)
I had the "trial" PDF version. But if I'm going to use it, it's only fair that I pay for it.. also, technical books are meant to be on paper.. where one can flip back and forth at any speed.
I was a bit worried about the size, but it's not that big.. so, now I only need to find the time to read it 8)
..I got to some problematic point with the RMan shader compiler and I think I'm better off getting some more basics on compiler writing before the code becomes too messy.