Tuesday, July 21, 2009


With time I've been building less interest in going out.

I see all sort of programmers blogs out there where much talk is about outdoors. To me it's a bit of a cliche'.. where the nerds are pretending to be outgoing people.. able to enjoy sunlight, grass, mountains.. and all that crap that we know it's pointless 8)

Growing up living in a city (Rome) was difficult to get much green. Many of my class mates had their grandparents house out there in the countryside. Sometimes I would go, and it was fun indeed.
Childen also believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and religions 8)

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to be too much of a machine in a human body. Going out is also important to get the brain going.. no matter what, we are analogic. One example is what one has to do to remember random numbers and letters: associate physical objects to numbers and letters and make up a story to put them in a sequence. Very inefficient.. but that's how we are !
External stimulus is also needed to bring creativity.. those random seed to get the brain branching all over for solutions.

Still, I can't stand those "I'm a computer geek but I looove nature". Can't you just be dark and gloomy ? Can't you instead be obsesses with some code, some problem, something ?
Didn't it all start with spending nights in front of a CRT monitor with a back deep enough to stick the head inside ? What's suddenly this "back to nature" bullshit ? What about junk food, lack of sleep ? Where is that driving force that keeps programmers/hackers bolted to a chair ?
Suddenly being a programmer is hip.. something compatible with a normal life.

I must admit that I often go out clubbing.. but that's a quick deal, closer to the vampire-programmer lifestyle.
I'm also very sensitive to female beauty.. but I learned to leverage things in that area: being a good date requires too much time wasted training as a social animal.. however women are ultimately intrested in success or at least in busy-looking, potentially succesful men. So, I sell myself as the hard working computer person that needs to stay home to work/study (important to sell it as "study", no need to explain hacking, etc.), and I avoid as much as possible having to go out for dinners, shopping, weekend-burning trips to some stupid place with some monument that I honestly don't give a crap about (fack those artifacts form the past, really, enough of them !!).

In the end, people are all similar to some degree and I can't really make an argument for being an indoor person or an outdoor one, but more about how much more likely one wishes to be indoor or outdoor.. like quantum mechanics, where things aren't black or white 8)

In that case my tendency is indoor.. if anything because I feel that the world outside, the physical things, are distractions that keep people busy with their senses and away from deeper thinking, introspection, productivity from an analytical point of view.