Sunday, July 5, 2009

Terminate your TV

For a while now, my Super Drama (actual name) cable channel has been pushing "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Whole 30 minutes of promotion at the time.. relentlessly.
Eventually the show started and I was already tired of it. Here are a few things that turned me off:

- The main guy is annoying. Supposedly, some teenager but with the face of a small adult.

- The main woman (Lena Headey mother of the main guy) was a sexy beauty in the movie "300".. here she looks aged and with all sort of facial asymmetries showing up (not her fault, but what a shame).

- Extra added yucky effect by the fact that the small-adult-looking guy, in an interview, says he's best buddies with the Lena Headey and how they talk long hours on the phone and go shopping together.. ewww !!

- The terminator gal has been wearing thigh highs. I'm a fan of that type of stockings, but in Tokyo where they actually happen. In a serial TV based in LA it looks very unrealistic and very much as a device to get younger audience to jerk off over the show (better off downloading more explicit material..).

- The episode where mom-woman goes to buy a cell phone, and magically meets a store dude that happens to be some computer genius that has built some revolutionary AI hooking up together a few XBoxes and Playstations... clerks revenge ! ..and she burns down his house to save the world: "intelligent computers baaaddd !" ..bitch !

In general. I think of TV shows as the tap water of fiction. "Terminator: The Sarah.. etc etc" is very much tap water.. though Terminator 4 didn't seem like pure mineral water either !

Whatever the critical reception, I call BS on this one.. but then again, the last serial TV that was worth watching for me was Miami Vice (on Wikipedia and IMDB). Much of the rest can be entertaining, but ultimately, pretty sad.

P.S. I included pictures form the HUD display of the first Terminator movie, because they seem more inspired and are actually fun.. the last one has some sort of assembly instructions showing.. very robot-like.. much more meaningful than those gay TV shows made by hundreds of people, none of which has any idea of what machine language is ! Java generation !!!


  1. What about Lost? seen it? I most watched the first 4 seasons on a row, was really interesting. Then 5th season when it finished. I think it's pretty good overall. Other than that.. tv series I've enjoyed.. Stargate SG-1 was awesome except the last few seasons, and Stargate Atlantis is ~ok. Haven't checked terminator yet.

  2. I'm pretty positive about all those TV shows being crappy. I stopped watching Lost once some hot chick died.. but, as I said before, the problem with the show was that they had a random generator of crazy events.. some would have a following, others would be forgotten.

    Anyhow.. although everybody has a predisposition towards some kind of elements in a program, TV shows are an acquired taste... so, if only one watches something long enough, then it's likely to become interesting.

  3. I tried watching the 'sarah connor chronicles' but lost interest after half an episode. I guess for me it somehow didnt live up to the expectations based on the rest of the terminator series. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only real Terminator.

  4. Davide, the assembly listing in Terminator is Apple II code. For details, see e.g.

  5. Paul,

    Right.. I guess, if not Schwarzenegger, at least some real cool Terminator would have been interesting. A somewhat hot chick just doesn't cut it.


    Thanks for the pointer ! It looked familiar, but I never owned an Apple II or a C64 (the popular 6502 machines at the time).
    The pics on that site could make for nice wallpapers and replace some of my Alien ones 8)

  6. Don't worry, TSCC show was canceled at the end of season 2 with a rushed up finale.

    From season 2 it started to be more talkative, building up subplots and so on and then when the shares dropped under a certain level it was simply canned.

    Too bad because it was staring to become interesting with machines actually trying to stop skynet.


  7. Who knows.. maybe machines saw the show was right on the facts and managed to stop it so that humans wouldn't be too informed on what's coming.... rightttt !!! 8)