Monday, August 17, 2009

Back in Town

I just came back in Tokyo yesterday afternoon, after spending my summer vacation days working in a freezing lab 8)
Due to the somewhat sensitive nature of the work, I won't be spelling where I was.. but some can guess (and not write it out ;)

This trip reiterated my belief that I was somewhat born unlucky with the small things: travel arrangements, tendence to pick the slowest line at the market, etc.
Hard to tell luck from "unluck".. though, travelling both ways with kids nearby. Especially returning with 2 babies behind my seat, one of which constantly kicked on the back of my seat.. that is not luck !

The plane had no personal entertainment system, and I think that that's for the best. Those monitors always look damn ugly, especially when the person in front reclines all the way. Standard wall and corridor monitors are so much better.
I watched the new Star Trek movie. If was fun indeed. On the way back I watched Monsters vs Aliens (obviously, not in 3D 8), but because I didn't plan to, I kept listening to my trance music on the iPhone. Dialogue may have been revealing, but from time to time it's nice not to have to devote full attention to a movie, and most movie scripts' are hardly that interesting..
I also watched The Soloist. USA Today gave it 3 stars out of 4, which apparently isn't much. I somewhat liked it.. it's a bit sad by nature but such is the world of homelessness !!

Between jet lag, work starting early in the morning and after work socializing, I would go back to the hotel and simply fall asleep dressed and with the TV on. I had little time to work on my renderer.. but enough to get the network rendering somewhat functioning. There is still a timing bug where some tiles might be missing.. ummm hopefully won't be too painful to fix.

I will test the network rendering with slightly more complex scenes (where it makes more sense), fix the currently known bug, and then I'll have to go back to the shader compiler to fix a couple of problems.
Next, I don't know I if I should put conditionals in shaders, finally implement micro-polygon sampling or implement light shaders (also meaning more work on the compiler).

Lot's of work.. time to shower.. 8 AM.. those oversea trips completely screw up my time and turn me into a morning person !!