Wednesday, August 26, 2009

VIM Liquido

I just can't seem to find the time to update the blog.
With Twitter well established for micro-blogging (I'm here ! ->, I find it harder to sit down for 30 minutes or an hour to write a proper log entry.

I think about what to write while in the shower in the morning, in the train, but once I'm home, I have other things to do, other distractions. Often, I really wish I could spend more time alone !

Here are a few random things, summarized:


The network system seems to work well, though I tried it at most with 3 computers and the performance is overall slower than just one computer focusing on rendering a scene.
There are obviously many latency bottlenecks that invalidate the usefulness of the network distributed rendering. But this will have to be sorted out in a profiling phase, with complex enough scenes to render. The important thing for now is that the job dispatch and result retrieval is reliable.
I also fixed a few serious inefficiencies, memory leaks and I partially implemented another polygons primitive(one that can specify concave polygons with holes.. I support them as long as they aren't concave and have no holes 8) ..I might decide to implement all that only once I get some cool scene that uses them).

I changed a few things and I actually got a binary distribution going for RibTools. It's a "featured" download, automatically placed in a green box at the right of the project page over at Google Project Hosting.

I also got around writing some basic instructions, a batch file to render the test files.. a lot of small things that need to be done to render a project minimally interesting to anybody other than myself 8)


I've been toying around with Vim and EMacs... mostly looking into Vim. I tried the ViEmu for Visual Studio. Also checking out again the video "7 Habits For Effective Text Editing" from the creator of Vim (which incidentally has a slight Dutch accent that makes him sound a bit like Goldmember like the homonimous movie 8).
The video is entertaining but a bit long, the web reference can be found here. Though the PDF presentation is probably from 7 years ago.

A couple of days ago I had some terrible pain on my right arm, and that's probably because of mouse usage. I hate how long keyboards are.. I could definitely lose the numeric keypad and save myself a lot of traveling to catch the mouse every time.

I also tried the Vimperator plugin for Firefox. It's a bit too hard core at times (by default removes your menu bar !), but I like navigating with the h,j,k,l keys instead of using cursor keys (in VI/Vim 'h' = left arrow, 'j' = down arrow, 'k' = up arrow, 'l' = right arrow), and I like the idea of selecting a link with the keyboard.
One presses 'f', and small numbers appear around each link. Type the number and jump to that link !

I started liking using the VI keys as cursor keys and I decided to extend the thing everywhere. I got the AutoHotKey utility and mapped ALT+h,j,k,l to emulate cursor movements. I also extended the thing to use CapsLock+h,j,k,l for Home, PageDown, PageUp, End keys.
There are a lot of possibilities there.. the only problem is that the more one customizes things, the more idiosyncrasies will come up later on.

..oh and this post was edited using Vim.. images aside 8)

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