Monday, September 28, 2009


I learned today that while I was in vacation in Rome, on the company's bulleting board it was announced that for the next fiscal year (starts in April in Japan) working hours will be 9:30 to 18.. or something.

I'm also going to assume that lunch break will be at a fixed time..  but having to get to work at 9:30 in any case is pretty crazy.
Currently it's from 11 am.. with no big fuss if one comes later.. it's a game company after all. Flexible hours is usually one of the perks of working at a game company (also because eventually people end up working more than 8 hours per day..).

This is the last of a series of changes and events that is seriously making me lose my faith in the current company (whose name of course I won't mention).
I see a lot of actions that seem direct at kicking most of the workers in the shins..  ..with supposed lack of efficiency from the developers, the economy or whatever.. the management above is becoming more oppressive.

I don't see much excitement around.. and that's worrying in a game company. Because in this field people are usually in for some sort of excitement and personal satisfaction. Developing games is nothing like playing games.. but it's still supposed to be fun, at least the work environment is supposed to be fun.

bha !


  1. Hmm ... my last job I worked from (essentially) 9:30am to 8pm ... then I tweaked it from 9:30am to 7pm; there was a lot of work to be done, so it couldn't be helped (and I really didn't mind anyway). My present job it's 9:00am to 6pm ... so you've got 30 more minutes than me man! 8P

    Jokes aside (at the end of the day) companies are about making $$$ (especially the one you work at) and these kinds of changes can either really make things better (in the long term) or really damage things (in both short and long term).

    Honestly though, that company's been way too inflated for quite some time (if you ask me) ... Cheer up man ... there's still cool stuff coming around the corner. 8P

  2. I usually get in at around 9:30am and stay till 6:30-7:00pm. Our core hours are 10am to 5pm.

  3. In a sense I hate the fact that (I think) we are losing the concept of core hours. I need to verify that.. but coming earlier than 9:30 would be crazy anyway.

    Also, there is the freaking rush hour !! To get to work at 9:30 it may mean sardines effect in the trains 8P

  4. Point is: are you really supposed to go to the office?
    Allowing people to work from home would save a lot more money in the long run...

  5. Yeah for the current job it's important to be in the same office with a few other people. We have almost no meetings because we are always talking directly.

  6. Facking trainzzzz!!!!!!!

    I now commute too, because office is in San Francisco 27 miles from my house. With the traffic takes about 1hr. If there was a train I'd take it, but no trainzzz here.

  7. Move to Tokyo !

    If it doesn't have a train station, it doesn't exist ! ..simple.