Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Formula None

Formula 1 has always intrigued me, but, for the most part, for the wrong reasons.

To me F1 is a sad sport made of people that dream of victory but that end up racing for a 5 minutes of glory.
Drivers stuck with slow cars, or even worse, stuck with being inevitably slower than other drivers, no matter what.

What makes matters worse, is how much of a cut throat business it is.
Somebody bumps into you, you have a streak of bad luck, something happens and you are out.
Next you are stuck racing alone in a track, testing cars for the actual competing drivers.. those that get the glory and the fame, or that can at least keep showing the bad luck they are having.

Maybe I'm seeing this wrong. From the outside it's all about the glory, but probably in the inside it's an exciting job nonetheless and many are OK with sticking around even if they are never going to break any records.

Maybe it's a bit like us game programmers, where a few famous figures catalyze most of the attention, but their fame and success doesn't make us any less achieved.
Then again, single game programmers don't normally have to represent whole development teams.. it's not about getting to a podium or becoming a tester !

Also, game programmers are probably more like automotive engineers, while the driver could be the game designers.

..but never mind the analogy, F1 is a sad sport to me.