Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who's vacation ?

I arrived in Rome on the 7th of this month for my belated summer vacation.
I've been on constant feeding since then 8)

I'm not alone in this trip, so I also have some extra duties as an assistant tourist (though I'm still spending most of the time with my family).

Nowadays my family is pretty united.. so big dinners are easily organized.. well for rare occasions like me coming to visit or for a birthday.
The noise generated at those gatherings has never been my kind of thing.. but the social bond of all of it is pretty strong. Also the display of affection is quite strong.. a stark contrast to what might be happening on the other side of the world, where bullshit power struggles are probably marching on.
..I just want to write code 8)



  1. are right !
    The camera that I've been using has 2GB of integrated mem.. so there is no mem card and the only way to download the pictures is to use the cable that is at home in Tokyo.. so, no pics until I go back 8)