Friday, October 2, 2009

2 of Spades...

I finally got a credit card, after 8 years being in Japan !!! I got turned down at least 3 times. Once from the movie rental shop that offered one, the other from some electronics shop chain and last time from my own damned bank !!
I don't know if there is any kind of "credit history" thing going behind the scenes.. I know a few foreigners that eventually got their credit cards from Japanese banks. In any case I got mine from CitiBank ..and it's Gold too !!! wooooo !!

One can pretty much buy anything without a ccard in Japan.. but abroad it's a pain, on business travels, etc etc. Also it's easier for on-line shopping.. and for being seduced into buying a brand bag on the spot. maybe it's not such a good thing !!


  1. Cool,

    Whats next?

    Drivers license?

  2. ..actually.. the Italian drivers license can be exchanged for the Japanese one without any tests (when one wants to go back to Italy, can get back the Italian license).

    ...however.. I haven't renewed my Italian license in time, so now it would be painful to get just any drivers license. I think the Japanese one requires quite a bit of effort.. and I haven't been driving in 8 years or so.. arghhhh !!!