Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Call Of Booty

I hear a lot about this "Call Of Duty" (COD) game. It seems that everybody knows it and everyone enjoys it quite a bit.

I realize that a game is just a game, and that its a way to experience something without drastic consequences.. but, at the same time, it bothers me that people can just play with words and reenact actual tragedies for their own personal leisure without any consequences whatsoever.

I suggest that the best players of Call Of Duty shall enroll to their own contry's army and go to war.. perhaps to Iraq, or Afganistan.
Rich countries' military personnel doesn't die as easily anymore, but still, that should give some perspective to all those that rush to a call of duty which in fact is just a waste of everybody's time.

Enroll or get busy doing something more important, like programming !!

Fack COD already !!!