Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Call Of Booty

I hear a lot about this "Call Of Duty" (COD) game. It seems that everybody knows it and everyone enjoys it quite a bit.

I realize that a game is just a game, and that its a way to experience something without drastic consequences.. but, at the same time, it bothers me that people can just play with words and reenact actual tragedies for their own personal leisure without any consequences whatsoever.

I suggest that the best players of Call Of Duty shall enroll to their own contry's army and go to war.. perhaps to Iraq, or Afganistan.
Rich countries' military personnel doesn't die as easily anymore, but still, that should give some perspective to all those that rush to a call of duty which in fact is just a waste of everybody's time.

Enroll or get busy doing something more important, like programming !!

Fack COD already !!!



  1. Let me guess: you tried to play COD4 online and someone kicked your ass badly... :)

  2. I would be pleased if my daughters will play it: a few things educates *against* war as COD [you are really frightened]. and improves brain connections and reactions.

    is it so bad not to be included on COD's developers team? :-)

  3. Freddy,

    ..I may have seen a video of some of those games once, but that's as far as I went 8P


    Educative ? emmm nice excuse ;)

    I'm not sure how good the game is technically, so I'm not sure if I would like to be part of the development team.. ..generally I prefer to stay away from current generation platforms.. woooo !

  4. Think about this: I HATE multiplayer games, and I do not give a shit about games like Quake, Unreal tournament, Counter Strike and the like.

    COD4 was the ONLY FPS multiplayer game that sucked my in and I still play it from time to time even if it's old.

    Hopefully Modern Warfare 2 will be better. :)

  5. the ONLY FPS multiplayer game thta sucked ME in... :)

  6. Kaz,

    So what is it exactly that you dont like about COD? Is it the fact that its based on real life events? History is history, you cant change it, and if people can learn something about history by playing a game I see it as a good thing.

    What about movies or books that reenact tragedies occuring during wars?

  7. I'm not against violence or sex in games.. in fact one of my favorite games is Kingpin 8)

    The name though, it's a bit of a mockery.. ..what duty are players called to ?
    The point of war is that you only have one life. The point of duty is that people go because they are required to, a lot of civilians had to turn into soldiers and then die.

    In a movie that reenacts war, the character die once and that's it.. the main character may live through, but those that die, just die.

    With a game, the player actually wants to go to war, and when he or she dies, it's not a big deal.. just another bathroom break.

    It's nothing like the real thing.. it may be worth trying, but it's conceptually stupid and there are better things that one could do with free time 8)

    I'm not saying that such games should be banned.. but this one specifically has a pretty idiotic title, and I wanted to make a point of that.

  8. The idiotic title probably leverages on the pride of the target audience.

    Don't forget that after all the game is "Made in the USA"...

  9. Well that pales in comparison to the fact that the US Army has its own game(s) for recruiting people 8)

    On the other hand, I recently saw a recruitment commercial for the Taiwanese military.. using CG mecha ..WTF ?! ->

  10. ehehe.. I found this post from the Google Reader shared items from Rasty: Hot Gaming ..Call of Booty indeed !!

  11. Ah, yeah, the name is stupid I agree.