Sunday, November 22, 2009


Google paid disk space has recently got a nice bump (my paid 10GB went up to 80GB !)

Such space is currently only useful for Google docs (text documents and spreadsheets) and, more importantly, Picasa Web albums.

There are a few things I like about Picasa, but some I really don't like:

- The computer software is fast and simple and it synchronizes with the web albums
- Picasa Web albums is also nice simple and fast and uploads are all done with the software
- Face detection is really interesting !
- Automatically detects GPS coordinates off my iPhone pictures (scary ?)
- Lots of space for web albums

..what bugs me:
- The PC software, only shows the pictures it can detect. Sometimes it will miss some for a while, and there is no way to say: show me this picture right now, I know it's here !
- With the improved web space come crappy JPEG quality setting ..ouch, what's the point ?!
- No sub-albums support
- The embeddable slideshow is ugly (unnecessary black borders, ugly play button, etc)
- The search is not so good (can't do search-based embedded slideshows like in flickr. See example)
- The non-existent customer support is a disaster waiting to happen

This leads me to a general skepticism about all this talk of clouds. The recent bump in Google storage is probably going to be useful for all sort of file types, at least from Chrome OS.
Then will I have to worry about every one of my files being scanned and possibly violating some terms of service.. brining my whole storage down ?!!

For one thing, I appreciate Google's effort towards "data liberation" letting one download his own files.
Also, Google Gears syncs to a PC, and caches documents for off-line editing.

But this is not enough. I need to know that all my data is synced to my own physical storage. Not merely cached and not simply enabled to be exported when I decide to do so manually (it's always going to be too late in case they take the service down).
Also the idea that I have to worry about some terms of service based on clearly very strict moral/legal rules. If I have 1TB of porn, or some ripped MP3, then so be it.. ..I pay up, you shut up !


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