Saturday, November 21, 2009

Smokers Must Die !!

Please Die !!

I hate your cigarette !!

In Japan people can and do smoke in clubs... a lot of young people... deserve to die. Why is cancer so lenient ? It kills many good people and leaves smokers alive to kill others.

Dear smoker, please die.. ..soon.

Thank you.


  1. I think people who kill dolphins should die too.

  2. ..for a different reason (don't bug you directly), but perhaps yes 8)

  3. Woah, woah ... !? I recall you used to make this 'smoker' gesture a while back ... good thing you never took up the bad habit! 8P

  4. ..hehe.. I still do it (-_-)y~~~

    But actual cigarette smoke is nasty and unhealthy. I want to be able to go out to clubs and not have to be engulfed in second-hand smoke !

    Some larger clubs have taken the positive step of grouping the lung cancer baits into designated areas.. but there are many other smaller clubs that wouldn't have the physical space even if they wanted to.

    ..something should be done however.. let's get going with this 21st century !


  5. I still remember how when I'd get home (from some smoke infested restaurant) I could smell it all over me and had to take a shower. Then like clock-work, the following morning there's mucous in my throat and the near-danger of actually catching the rare cold. Good thing my body still works ... alas, I may be experiencing this again in a few weeks. 8P

  6. ummmumm ..well, most restaurants in Tokyo do have a non-smoking area.
    The problem starts with izakaya (Japanese pubs).. but actually even in those, I normally find that I can choose non-smoking areas (otherwise I wouldn't get in 8).
    In those cases it's just annoying to see large portions of the place dedicated to smokers.. and while they are in a separate section, some smell still finds its way.

    But when it comes to clubs.. most of them still have no allowance for non-smokers.

    Smoking has practically no benefits (maybe some exciting nicotine effect ?).. it's an ill thing, it stinks and people that do smoke should at least be confined.. marginalized.. fack away from me !!!!