Monday, November 23, 2009


Twitter makes it easy (as in, compels you to) write quick messages without the commitment of writing a whole blog entry.

Welll.. this is what I just posted on Twitter (newer are on top):

..or you can go to Iraq and actually DO what you masturbate about... your money for books, or sex. Lay down the M16.

Breaking News ! Infinity Wardrobe just made a game were you can be a tough soldier and shot people ! Quick, Buy IT !!

(wow.. blogger editor is improving ?!)

I still think that people that buy and play war games are dicks !!
I know.. this includes people I normally respect and even members of my family.. well, you are a loser anyway !! about that ?

Get busy with actual action.. go, fight, die !! Don't live an half-assed dream that isn't taking you anywhere. If you have violence in you, let it be.. don't just masturbate about it.

..but then again, I might be wrong.

I can't judge, I can only speak 8)



  1. What?

    I couldnt follow anything from what you just said. =)

  2. Those were two messages that I wrote in the heat (?) of the moment 8)

    (also with at least one spelling error)

    ..there wasn't really a discussion to follow.. just ranting.

    Last time I mentioned the Call of Duty game, I didn't quite realize that a new one was coming out.
    Now I saw some clips on TV, and I'm more convinced that people need to go to war.. ...try how it is when you don't have infinite lives..