Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wiki Wino

Aside from posting annoying rants, I've been also a busy bee.

Today I wrapped the JavaKazRace sources and posted the whole thing on Google Project Hosting.
The Java code is ancient but it makes sense to have it out there for others that are interested, posterity, historical reasons or whatever else 8)
It's all at http://kazzuya.com/kazrace

I've also been writing a few (three) small docs on programming. See http://kazzuya.com/programming
Well, mostly notes on how I set up Visual Studio. Notes that I'd like to keep around and share.

This leads to the question on where one should write those things.
A blog post is good because it can spark discussions, making it easy for others to collaborate with their own thoughts. Blog posts are however a dime a dozen.. they are meant to be written and forgotten and not updated.
A Google Sites site is instead much like a wiki, because it allows for other people to collaborate.. though I'd have to specifically enable others to modify the site.
It would instead be nice if Google Sites allowed for external visitors' comments.. but that's currently not possible (though some did manage to get something like that, using Google Docs' "forms" and spreadsheet see here).
(..oh BTW, TokyoClubbers' club list is also based on a Docs spreadsheet ! A bit ugly to modify (very long lines !), but simpler than maintaining your own database 8)

I actually initially started to write those programming notes directly in Docs, and linked/embedded those in Sites. However, Chrome seems to have a problem showing externally linked Docs documents when I'm logged in. Others are able to see them, but not me when using Chrome (!)

In the end, I tried to copy & paste the docs contents into a fresh Sites page, and it came out formatted nicely (miracle !). So, I decided to just continue working directly on Sites...
The advantage of working with Docs is that it's possible offline and that the editor is more mature, but if being online is not a problem then I may as well just work directly on the site.