Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Army of Disappointed

US military is meeting recruitment goals with video games – but at what cost?

"Amid a soaring suicide rate among soldiers, it’s worth looking at how the Army’s aggressive video games distort our impressions of war." -- link here

From the site.. The Christian Science Monitor.. not exactly straight out of my RSS feed ;)  ..but it makes sense nonetheless.


  1. At least in the US, the army service is voluntary, in some countries its still mandatory.

  2. Mandatory service is an ugly thing.. and I'm glad that Italy eventually got rid of it.
    But I guess Korea and Israel, among other countries, still have it, and it's pretty serious (multiple years ?).

    The problem with the US Army is that it's made too much it into a business. One thing is duty, patriotism, another thing is business.. shouldn't mix those too much.

  3. Right, also US army has this macho image attached to it.

    In other countries people dont really pride themselves on being in the army. Following orders doesnt really require much skill =)

  4. I suppose that most people that enroll are going to be young male.. and most young men want to become seasoned macho warriors. The more macho, the better 8)

    Another thing that bugs me is the publicity in the game magazines. We get some international magazines in the refreshment room.. and I've seen whole page Army and Navy advertisements.. fack that.. more poaching..
    I'd get pissed if I were a parent. Don't go spreading strange ideas.. don't mix games with military service !
    Games are there to simulate, not to trick young boys into war !

  5. Right, if you want to dress up in camouflage clothes and shoot real people there is always paintball!!