Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Pad my Bra

Everyyyyyone has an opinion on the iPad... instead I'll try to look cooler by pretending that I'm above all that 8)

Apple has shown the way, time and again. And not just historically but really recently.. so, stop being a negative fag and start thinking when you'll buy it: right away, or later on when you can not not buy it.

You know.. Apple is got some really smart people that actually factor your negativeness in their plans ("opinionated computer savvy", is that 1% already ?).. you are all but a peeons unless you can come up with some very revolutionary science and social science against that...   however some geeks believe that they are better than all of it and try to reason their negativeness.. losers.. this is not Microsoft !



  1. The question is not whether to buy it, but whether to get the 3G version or not... humm.. am I going to use it outside often? or not?

    Aaaah questions...

  2. I know my gf thinks it's rubbish without 3G, so if it is going to be a present, I know it's got to be 3G.

    Myself I also aim to 3G... not enough open WiFi spots and the other alternative would be WiMax.. that Apple doesn't even mention.

    It's not so much about how often one is out, but more about not to having to worry about it.


  3. I would have appreciated a wide screen.
    Only 1% of people are still watching movies in 4:3 fullscreen. Ooopps...

    About the present, how can you give her ONLY the 16 or 32GB 3G enabled versions? Don't be cheap... :)

  4. Freddy,

    umm I didn't say that I wasn't looking into the 64 GB version.. but actually, I think that 32 GB would be sufficient.
    Of my iPhone I barely use half of the 8 GB on it, so 32 should be enough for me.

    About the aspect ratio.. I see what you mean, but I suppose that it makes it a better ebook reader and generally better for other applications.. so, it's a tradeoff..

  5. Ok you've sold me on that, be it the 3G 32gb version then!
    I just hope they will be available before the world ends here, and that I'll find a carrier that supports microSims, whatever they are!

  6. Righttttt... I'm kind of hopeful that since Japan has proved its interest towards the iPhone, we may actually be on some sort of priority list for early 3G availability... though it would be nice to just get the thing and not have to worry about anything (Kindle is nice like that.. no need for contracts and no non-3G model.. at least in Japan).